swagtron eb5 plus

The EB5’s kickstand spring interfered with folding. Your city awaits. If you find a lower price, email us at [email protected] with documentation of the price.

Swagtron EB5 Foldable Electric Bike $499.99 It's also designed to help you minimize downtime, thanks to its removable battery pack is designed with a swappable lithium-ion … Swagtron EB5 Pro Plus Foldable Electric Bike for $464. Regardless of how they are as a company, we’re here to review an e-bike from them. Swagtron’s EB5 is a cool little foldable electric bike that comes with a cruising range of 15 miles and maximum speed of 15.5 mph. It’s a fun way to do local commutes or cruise about and have tons of fun Not pedaling.Guaranteed to put a silly grin on your face when you throttle up. Commuter and city bikes with the highest BikeRide Scores. As far as I can tell, Swagtron is nothing like that in this regard. The EB5 doesn’t use keys and can be turned on by anyone. Swagtron EB5 Pro Plus Folding Electric Bike Perfect for Cities and Campuses! Prices constantly change and it’s impossible to compare them all yourself. Swagtron Swappable eBike Battery Pack for EB5 Plus. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at the Swagcycle eb5\-5 pro. At different points in my career, the EB5 would have been my commuter vehicle of choice -- especially as a way to work, with the aim of arriving on time and without breaking a sweat. Swagtron EB5 Pro Folding Electric Bike Perfect for Cities and Campuses! Riders were limited by a lack of gears and a single power-assist setting. Reach top speeds of 15mph. The bike seat is adjustable – “quite low” to “entirely too high for any reasonably sized person.” The handlebars are adjustable in a couple of ways – up and down as well as 360-degrees in a twist. The EB5 is a lightweight, folding e-bike engineered to be the perfect city bike and urban commuter. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. Grab adventure by the handlebars and change the way you get around with the EB5 Plus folding electric bike from SWAGTRON. $90 $160. The Swagtron EB5 is one great folding electric bicycle. The Swagtron EB5 is one great folding electric bicycle. The Swagtron EB7 Plus retains the same 350 W hub motor and 18.6 mph (30 km/h) top … A weight limit of 264lbs disappointed bigger riders. Swagtron EB5 Pro City & Campus Folding Electric Bike. The EB5 does not come equipped with lights. The battery indicator fluctuates and shows three bars on empty. So be sure to check your tire pressure. The Swagcycle EB5 is a lightweight and convenient folding electric bicycle. That's a $9 low, although most stores charge $130 or more. The EB5 Pro Plus can reach speeds of up to 15.5 mph and has a range of up to 15.5 miles thanks to its robust 250 Watt Electric motor powered by a 36V Lithium Ion battery. Featuring a low, walk-through frame to allow riders to easily transport and mount their awesome ride. Finding a way to get around town and stay active can be tough. We offer a number of replacement parts that are compatible with Swagtron hoverboards, e-bikes, and electric scooters. This electric bike features a powerful 250w motor, 16mph top speed, three modes (throttle only, pedal-to-go and pedal only) and a battery range of more than 15 miles. This folding Ebike folds down to a small size and is light enough to carry up an apartment or office stairs. Cruise up to 15.5 miles on a single charge. Battery life was depleted after a number of months. You get the best deals and we may get a commission. That's a savings of $36 off the list price. The Swagtron SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Electric EBike With Pedals is not just for adults as teens will love this lightweight and powerful electric bike, too. BikeRide works hard to help you find the lowest prices and information on each bike from the widest possible range of sources. We’re committed to making sure that the cost of a bike does not keep you from cycling! 3501 Jack Northrop Ave  Suite #ATR079 Hawthorne, CA 90250 USA, JOIN THE LIST TO GET ALL THE BEST OFFERS & DISCOUNTS, USE CODE 'GET10' FOR 10% OFF|VALID TODAY+ FREE SHIPPING, ✓ Quick Fold and Go Design & Carries up to 265 lbs, 250 Watt Electric motor powered by a 36V Lithium Ion battery. free shipping. The smaller of the two is the EB-1, and it doesn’t have quite the same range of rider size. ✓ #1 Authorized Swagtron Retailer✓ Lowest Price Guaranteed & No Sales Tax✓ FAST & FREE Shipping on all USA Orders!✓ Range of 15.5 Miles & Power Assist✓ Quick Fold and Go Design & Carries up to 265 lbs✓ 1 Year Warranty & 30 Day Return Policy.

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