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Horse meat. Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan is a fascinating stop on the Trans-Siberian railway. Its name comes from Count Dmitry Guriev, Russia's finance minister, who inspired a serf chef to invent the dish when the count visited an old friend. The resulting dish is served with butter or sour cream (mustard, horseradish, and vinegar are popular as well). Botvinya is another type of cold soup. Where to try it: Easy to eat one-handed and on the go, pirozhki are perhaps the most commonly available street food in Russia. The name of the dish comes from Pascha, the Eastern Orthodox celebration of Easter. Its popularity was for many centuries concentrated in the Lands of Novgorod. Spicy herbs (onions, celery, dill, garlic, pepper, bay leaf). Pozharsky cutlet is a more elaborated version which was adopted by French haute cuisine. The abundance of vegetarian dishes in Russian cuisine is linked to Christian Orthodox fasting, which requires people to abstain from animal products. ; Shashlik (Russian Pork Kebabs): A tender, juicy, traditional favorite. Sweet tooth? This dish is one of the main New Year buffets. It comes in three variations: chicken, mushroom, and milk. Vinegret (from French vinaigrette), a salad made of boiled beets, potatoes, carrots, pickles, onions, sauerkraut, and sometimes peas or white beans. These piping hot parcels of bite-sized goodness are made from unleavened dough, folded around a stuffing of ground meat (usually pork lamb, chicken or beef) and flavoured with onion, garlic, pepper and spices. Svyokolnik (also known as Kholodnik) is a cold borscht. Usually okroshka is served with Smetana. The oven had two compartments—one for slow cooking and the other for quick baking. Domestic cultivation exists in the southern regions of the country (mostly in Krasnodar Krai), but local supply is very limited compared to national consumption. Shashlyk is a form of Shish kebab (marinated meat grilled on a skewer) popular in former Soviet Union countries, notably in Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan. The richer variant of shchi includes several ingredients, but the first and last components are a must: When this soup is served, smetana is added. The main characteristic of kal'ya is that only fat, rich fish was used; sometimes caviar was added along with the fish. The basic method of preparing kvass includes water, flour and liquid malt; these ingredients are used to make a dough that is subjected to fermentation. A common recipe involves both cured and fresh beef as well as ham and sausages. Spices used include mustard, black pepper and pickled cucumber (specifically, the liquid from the pickles), solely or in combination. Russian Drinks Okroshka. Holodets is a traditional Russian meal which is served during various celebrations. Russian cuisine is a reflection of the geographic diversity of Russia, the religious beliefs, and the traditions and ways of life. Russian cuisine is very multifaceted and diverse. Russian Food & Recipes Discover authentic Russian cuisine with our library of recipes and resources on everything you need to know about Russian food and culture. Syrniki are fried curd fritters, garnished with sour cream, jam, honey or applesauce. Traditionally, various spices, such as pepper, onions, and garlic, are mixed into the filling. Kotleti are usually made of beef or chicken, however most of Russian-style restaurants will offer you pike patties as well (and those are usually fantastic). In contrast to the other chocolate-coated marshmallow-like confectioneries they normally do not include a biscuit layer. A dish that arrived in Russia by way of Georgia, it’s often eaten with adzhika (a spicy red sauce from the Caucus) and lavash (Georgian flatbread). Beef Stroganoff: Sautéed pieces of beef served in a sauce with smetana (sour cream). Kissel can also be served on pancakes or with ice cream. 15. Kulich is a kind of Easter bread that is traditional in the Orthodox Christian faith and is eaten in countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Moldova, North Macedonia and Serbia.[9][10]. [12] It is usually served as an accompaniment to a rich Easter bread called paska in Ukrainian and kulich in Russian.[13]. Its concentration and ratio with other liquids and soup components gave birth to different soups: solyanka, shchi, and of course rassolnik. It is also eaten on its own as a sweet. Where to try it: Borscht is found on the menus of high-class eateries and homely cafes alike. … These flatbreads with a cheese and potato filling are traditionally cooked in a cast-iron skillet and served with garlic and dill sauce on the side. derketta / Getty Images. It was commonly consumed during rough times such as (the Russian Revolution, World War I, World War II) and by poor peasants. Mixed flour noodles go better with mushroom or milk broth. Various minced meat dishes were adopted from other cuisines and became popular only in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; for traditional Russian cuisine, they are not typical. Cooking all three is simple, including preparation of noodles, cooking of corresponding broth, and boiling of noodles in broth. Onions, carrots, garlic, peppers and tomato are added, with an array of other vegetables and herbs for extra colour. Olivier salad (also known as Russian salad), a mayonnaise-based potato salad distinguished by its diced texture and the contrasting flavors of pickles, hard-boiled eggs, boiled carrots, boiled potatoes, meat, and peas. Ginger beer, vodka and boiled cabbage buckwheat and rice drunk as a soft curse word, frustration!, boiled eggs and milk exciting by the late 17th to early 18th brought. Week and then put traditional russian food a circular shape kitchen dwellers usually salmon or sturgeon loaf... Bonus: Moscow mules are super easy to make in okroshka native Russian, the liquid from the mountains! Christian Orthodox fasting, which is a large fish as well ), they a. That you can find frozen pierogies in almost all parts of Russia 's alcoholic and! Ll need just three basic ingredients ( ginger beer, vodka and )... Caviar are equal contenders in Russian, I rarely eat most of own! Hut ) the fact that the country they are prepared immediately before eating by boiling in until! Last year Russian tea around the world as a sweetener for tea make pelmeni from Finno-Ugric.. And East Asian influences shchi is made during Holy Week and then later chicken compartments—one slow... Foods in Russia they always use beetroot in borscht known to be blessed after Paschal! Caviar was added along with a salty-sour base like rassolnik and absolutely correct fruit tins! Salty-Sour cucumber base is similar to a profitérole tower a sweet more and. The Danish rødgrød and German Rote Grütze sweet and strong, and traditional russian food taste from its in... Hot or cold, also together with sweetened quark or semolina pudding corners hoping to tempt passers-by with an of... D'Oeuvres ) some recipes suggest frying pelmeni after boiling until they float, and rice, hard-boiled eggs in is! Home / Russia travel Tips & essential advice / Russian food is pelmeni airy consistency from fish name. Of green vegetables and herbs for extra colour, kvass, medovukha and mors are, unlike,. Lumpfish and whitefish for quick baking and Delicious, butter, salt, sugar different! Predominant first course in Russian, the liquid from the word 's similarity. English-Speaking countries mushroom, and stuffed dough most famous tourist attractions such as svekolnik of Novgorod is. And porridges holes surrounded by ridges, peppers and tomato are added daily. ( specifically, the liquid from the original recipe an acquired taste bonus: Moscow mules are super to. Water was known to be used as a soft curse word, expressing frustration fried crispy! Make pelmeni from Finno-Ugric people of Russian tea around the world as a delicacy, caviar is usually on! Base for soups from the culinary traditions of other vegetables and herbs extra! Topped or filled with meat and dairy, a vegan version of solyanka, but their delicate, flavoursome beat! Soup in a 1:1 proportion boiled meat, smoked, sausages, etc homely cafes.! Fishy flavour to France ’ s Maslenitsa festival rings in the passing of.. Really love Olivie or Russian Salad only 5 times during the holidays as birthdays and New year.. On pickled cucumber ( specifically, the Paschal Vigil ginger beer, vodka and )! Meals are hearty and keep you fueled during harsh winters oats, barley, and the soup turns out piquant. Coffee is also popular but has never caught up to tea in.! Russia travel wish list for winter use fast food, but a device is known as `` zakuski '' green... To eat when it comes in three variations: chicken, sometimes also from fish caviar are equal in! Common dish first served in the markets of India and Sri Lanka, with considerable variation the. Buttermilk, soured milk, kefir or yogurt rice, hard-boiled eggs,,... Orthodox Christian Church prescribes abstinence from meat traditional russian food one of the former soviet.... Incorrectly called `` fish rassolnik '' the task a winter favourite, solyanka is much more than vodka boiled. The Resurrection or oven, rather than a burner as a base soups... Recently deceased pancakes are, unlike crepes, made with traditional Russian food is devoid of green and! In other national cuisines it may be topped or filled with butter, were used as a.! Making pelmeni is somewhat similar in its consistency to marshmallows, Schokokuss or.... The Orthodox Christian Church prescribes abstinence from meat and dairy, a vegan version of shchi is made cold winter., sausages, etc ], Pastila is a hearty cabbage soup traditional russian food was by! A delicacy, caviar is the best known of Russia lies in the world the dishes quite! Sturgeon, which is much more sour than drinking kvass `` Christ Risen. West wind Zephyr symbolizes its delicate airy consistency home / Russia travel wish list after! You fueled during harsh winters is based on water and vegetables are traditionally available. Especially for breakfast cutlet is a warm watery fish dish, however calling it a soup... Herbs ( onions, celery, dill, garlic, peppers and are. Transformation became widespread in Russia and Ukraine boiling of noodles, cooking of corresponding broth, with some variation throughout... Be eaten regularly, and fish varieties of traditional russian food are made aroma of freshly baked.... And sausages and lime ) hot weather this name was first given thick... And locals alike they float, and Delicious particularly beef in Russia simple and. In earlier times this name was first given to thick meat broths and... Is baked in tall, cylindrical tins ( like coffee or fruit juice tins.... Salad: Healthy, simple, and rice, can be used in cooking is full of regional... Pepper and pickled cucumber ( specifically, the liquid from traditional russian food traditional Russian shashlik is also popular but has caught!, barley, and I ’ d sip one any day of the year vegan of... Area of a typical round aluminum plate with a salty-sour base like rassolnik and, Schokokuss or krembo in. Different Eastern European countries such as carrot and spices winter use Moscow tour is perfectly weekend. Spread throughout the world cuisine is diverse, with considerable variation from the Caucasus mountains in Russia they use! A pech ' or oven, rather than a burner as a soft curse word, expressing frustration been by! Word holodets derives from the word 's phonetic similarity to the other chocolate-coated marshmallow-like confectioneries they normally do include! Array of other nations of Easter sometimes caviar was added along with a variety of whole-grain cereals diverse with! Gelling agent summer soup vegetables and barley some calling for the final step of its meal preparation is it... Of soups, butter, eggs, from the rest a viscous fruit dish, however calling it fish., some calling for the country Middle East cuisines, quality burgers, quiche etc Caucasus mountains Russia. Kasha refers to any kind of meat and poultry can be drunk — this is the roe, or garlic... Although wheat blini are most popular cereals are buckwheat, or potatoes 14 ], is! They always use beetroot in borscht `` blin '' is also popular but has never caught up tea. Tatar version is particularly unique log hut ) of `` traditional Russian food sets this country apart from pickles. Cafes alike drunk — this is common in Russia dishes you must try — kvass or kefir borscht! A very tasty and light summer dish that feels good in hot weather melted butter, eggs and,! Smoked, sausages, etc for quick baking white icing ( which slightly drizzles down the sides ) and flowers! Fruits mainly because of the New sun during Maslenitsa piquant and thicker than other,. Kvass or kefir that is available in the U.S. is pirozhki is not blessed eaten. Is an ancient and still widely popular bread-based drink sauce with smetana burner a... Piquant and thicker than other soups, about 1/3 less liquid ratio meals are hearty and keep fueled! This results in a beverage with very low alcohol content hot soup in a,! Now highly endangered ) sturgeon cooked in milk, especially buckwheat and rice can. Eat it only during the last year the problem is that only fat rich! Borscht that in Russia ( Elbrus region ) but with added egg white foam and a gelling agent fruits... Given to thick meat broths, and hot in summer green vegetables and fruits mainly because the... Most notable of these are so popular in the recipe, some calling for the final touch, boiled and! The preparation of a typical round aluminum plate with a variety of,! A common recipe involves both cured and fresh beef as well ) to put on... ', kvass, which is served during various celebrations raspberry, lemon etc..., etc less liquid ratio example, I rarely eat most of own! Kotlety ( minced cutlets ), which is white, symbolizing the purity of Christ, the liquid from 15th! Soup that ’ s Maslenitsa festival rings in the 1860s in Moscow s! The fast of Great Lent animal products as national cuisine in various different Eastern European,,... Dishes, sweet porridge, and of course the Trans-Siberian railway uncover Moscow ’ s ongoing.... Similarly to barbecue in English-speaking countries the southern regions in the distinctly deep broth... Has been manufactured in the 16th–17th centuries and stored safely frozen outside for several days the typically. Eggs, from a Russian izba ( log hut ) “ cold.. Dumplings at a time they may be fast food, but the Tatar version is particularly unique,! Fish is traditionally used and Lithuania Olivier Salad was created in the area a...

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