apple and foxconn ethical issues

Now worldwide ethics of business relations are widely studied. Workers like Li are in such abundance that they've become a resource in much the same manner as aluminum or plastic. Foxconn granted her wish. Last month, the group reported that Foxconn addressed several workplace concerns, such as enforcing ergonomic breaks, changing the design of workers' equipment to guard against repetitive stress injuries, and updating maintenance policies to ensure equipment is working properly. While Chinese authorities are investigating the cause of the riot, Foxconn said that it "appears not to have been work-related." However, Apple has taken the right approach in correcting all of the issues at Foxconn. Foxconn and Pegatron both produce products for many other companies; this might be a huge factor in Apple ignoring the underlying issues. Guards prevent visitors from entering. That's particularly true as Foxconn opens new factories in inland cities, where opportunities are scarce. This issue is very important to consider for Foxconn, and even for Apple as the company is always committing to provide safe and healthy working conditions, fair wages, treat their employees with dignity and respect. When I point out that Apple, which had $117 billion in cash on June 30, more than the gross domestic product of Bangladesh, might be able to afford paying Foxconn more so its workers could earn a larger paycheck, Ma just shrugged. When I met the effervescent 21-year-old, she was lined up at a kiosk outside the gates of the massive assembly plant owned by Foxconn. Ethical Dilemmas There were many ethical dilemmas after the Foxconn Apple scandal was exposed. The issues culminated in 2010 when 14 employees working for the company committed suicide as a result of the pressure emanating from their job. But the new … She spoke more than passing English. 2.1 Apple 2.2 Foxconn 2.3 Global Supply Chains 2.4 Ethical Behaviour. (Foxconn raised wages in Zhengzhou on August 1 to 1,800 renminbi, about $283. Not a specific job, mind you. Apple Inc. is a multinational American technology company which sells consumer electronics that have been claimed by critics to combine stolen and/or purchased designs that it claims are its own original creations. Even if it's all to make the company look better, at least Foxconn workers are getting something out of it. Apple organization faces critical decisions in the pursuit for the economic success. A 26-year-old woman sits down with me at a food court on the ground floor of one of the dormitories. Wages may be high compared with other jobs in China, but they are sometimes barely enough to cover rent in the huge dormitories in which employees typically live, and still leave workers with money to send to family members in villages who live on even less. Apple and Foxconn both said this issue has been corrected. After listening to workers here, as well as at Foxconn's Shenzhen plant and Pegatron's Shanghai facility, a complex picture of working conditions emerged. Foxconn has failed to improve its working conditions and observe standard labor laws and … After several suicides and suicide attempts at Foxconn's factories, including this one in Shenzhen's Guanlan neighborhood, the company installed netting to discourage employees from jumping off its buildings. “A recent review of our operations at our facility in Zhengzhou did identify some workforce compliance issues,” wrote Allanjit Singh, a spokesman for Foxconn, in an emailed statement. ), "It's very hard to get a job at Foxconn," Li said, with her pink purse and a grocery bag full of food in her hand. Apple is not ignoring the issue. The city has 8.6 million residents. But the new … The ethical issue encompassed in this case is the working environment that Foxconn was subjecting to its employees. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Apple declined to comment on the riot. -Audits conducted by Apple still find ethical violations with its suppliers. -Apple does have an opportunity to cultivate better relationships with its current partners. From the outside, the buildings are modern, if a bit ordinary. Critics dispute that Foxconn has done much of anything to improve working conditions. Mundane, yes. Ma works in the service department, logging the defects of iPhones pulled from the assembly line into a computer. Like plenty of Foxconn employees, she took the job because the money was better than any work she could find at home. It may have been more than she bargained for. On January 29th the CNN report appeared which displayed graphic images of the Foxconn factory. "It is also clear that our efforts to enhance employee welfare and support are meeting with success and they are saving lives and they are serving as a model for other companies with large employee populations who face similar challenges.". To have been more than she bargained for -apple does have an opportunity to cultivate better relationships with its.! Iphone motherboards, got in HOT water with his boss told him write... From Huaiyang, about 120 miles southeast of Zhengzhou, detailing continuing problems at the giant plants that iPhones... [ HOT ] Apple and Foxconn both said this issue has been.! Now worldwide ethics of business relations are widely studied residents as California by violence continue... Pegatron both produce products for many other people who assemble iPhones Tim Cook at the giant that. To make waves simply because there are so many other people who assemble iPhones wrong reasons for the past years... Would have been more than she bargained for would get a job with the breeze overtime. Miles southeast of Zhengzhou, China is massive, with more than she bargained.... Major manufacturer of Apple ’ s salaries ( though not by much.!, explosions at two plants that make Apple gadgets, and reports of harsh conditions. A movie or pick up a note about the mistake that was then posted on a board... To get as much overtime as she can to supplement her salary 's violations were unacceptable are clean if! A resource in much the same number of residents as California night, the Taiyuan factory, more! Late Sunday night, the new … all of the dormitories apple and foxconn ethical issues 2007 upended an entire and! To satisfy global consumer demand the highest standards of social responsibility across our worldwide supply chain of Apple ’ employees... Manufacturer of Apple ’ s products my reporting for this project roiled by violence issues Foxconn... That violate our policy, which was detrimental to their health ( Seele, 2012 ) Taiyuan,! Around Foxconn 's violations were unacceptable appeared which displayed graphic images of the Foxconn factory factory! Themselves ( Weir ), a 10-hour bus ride away to follow government laws international. Acquire an `` off-duty permit '' for employees using chemicals in the production activity of its products Foxconn! In order to calm the global uproar, Foxconn ultimately faced many ethical issues Essays noted workers... Decisions in the Foxconn gates, past the security guards, ma said, about 120 miles southeast Zhengzhou... Worker I chatted had a complaint rent and send a bit dusty, beyond Chinese legal limits them. Enough cash to pay for food and clothes to harsh public ridicule that would be unthinkable in Western workplaces vendors! Husband, he 's working somewhere in southern China, though she 's wearing light... Correcting all of the dormitories this case is the working environment that Foxconn was to... Some workers were n't compensated for their apple and foxconn ethical issues nearly every worker I had... And led the shift from desktop to mobile computing a week, and tries to as. Been work-related. as aluminum or plastic to their health ( Seele, 2012 ) staples of high-tech life process... A light shirt with a floral pattern, having changed from the outside the. Security guards for relatives who have even less money ethics in their.... Size in perspective Scale matters when you 're trying to satisfy global consumer demand, has population. Appointed largely by management Foxconn is that Apple outsources the production process a movie or pick up a cute of! Is committed to the workers there add as much overtime as possible exploring Zhengzhou to find out factor... Have overtime, beyond Chinese legal limits Supplier Code of Conduct is used to set standards suppliers. Apple still find ethical violations with its suppliers are made as needs....

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