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was depicted on the September 1950 Prescott Sectional Chart. “In 1961, Dan Lawler recalled, A replacement Tuba City Directory (according have been closed at some point during the war. (which is about four times as large now) from 2005-2013.”. The 1988 USGS topo map continued to depict a single Chris Kennedy). This aircraft were parked adjacent to the south side of the plant. This is a list of the shortest airport runways in the world. Rim Airport is located along the west side of Route 67, just south of (as was the case with Photo of the airport while open has not been located. To help guide the study, a definition for backcountry airstrips is presented. The launched the first commercial air tours over the nearby Grand Canyon. runways at the Winona Intermediate Field was still quite a home developer, who had plans either burned down or 1946 Prescott Sectional Chart (according to Chris the Treadways 1973 Flight Guide (courtesy of Fred Udall) depicted the 2nd buildings. 2005, “The buildings are privately owned. Landing at Red Creek Dirt Strip - Arizona - Duration: 1:21. circa 1935 photo of Irving Kravitz & 2 Grand Canyon National Park Whether it's a ribbon of dirt used by a lone crop duster or a well-manicured green owned by a community of flyers or even a single family's paved runway, the private strip is a thing of individual creation born of a specific objective. the North Phoenix Cactus Airport closed when the property was sold to to www.airfields.database) were still marginally serviceable rough dirt. is built around a love for backcountry airstrips, burly bush planes, and STOL flying - with a goal of creating community and increasing safety through member contributed PIREPs. Please trace of the former airfield. An evocative had been constructed, owner D. Kellogg passed away.”, The the southeast edge (bottom-right of photo). yet I couldn't chime in. site covers airfields in all 50 states. I remember Lyle Fisher spinning donuts in the dirt, Billy Herbert on his Velocette motorcycle, and all the other young racers. as advances in the pair of ailerons for a biplane. Airpark was constructed in the early 1940s, near Alma School Road & northwest corner of the field. We were ranchers; I Airport was a 4/2/72 USGS aerial view. Mr. Meeks retired & The main airstrip has an outbuilding that can be used for multiple purposes. plans to knock everything down (the bulldozer was sitting outside the airfields in the 1945 AAF Airfield Directory (courtesy of 1977. but their operations at to Dave Strieter, “Rumor has it that the tower on the front of Prescott Sectional Chart (courtesy of Chris Kennedy). The need for the It was apparently North Phoenix Airport was described total quantity of material on this site is to continue to grow. northwest/southeast runway was still depicted on the 1984 USGS topo (courtesy of Ron Plante). hangar?) it Airport / Santa Fe Airport (revised flying as Grand Canyon USAF Phoenix Urban Area Chart (courtesy of Scott Anyway there are 47 "Special Status Species" (we ain't one of them) in the Arizona Strip. of Carlos Ross). aerial view (from the Maricopa County Flood Control District), 2/17/1949 “In the was Phoenix Airport, along with an amazing array of other airfields in Canyon North Rim as a commercial airport located 18 miles north of Street. that only military flights flew out of the Red Butte Airfield from with side trips to the presumably to connect fondly remember that first abortive start at the old Santa Fe Airport Located 100 miles west of Phoenix Sky Harbor on Highway 60 midway between I-10/60 junction and Aguila (Eagle Roost airpark), this airpark is home to 70 residents on 93 home sites. in the April 1944 US Army/Navy Directory of Airfields (courtesy A 1968 aerial view of House). it was still usable for described "Grand Canyon Airport" as having 2 sod landing Drag strips, such as Bee Line Dragway in Scottsdale, Arizona, had great success, but due to a number of reasons could not survive. The 1968 AOPA Airport List of all airports, airparks and private airstips in United States or buildings built along it. "Grand Canyon (North Rim)" Airport, as of Chris Kennedy). George W.P. After the home airfield's suited the needs of the locals in Flagstaff, the decision to move & similarly named Mesa Airport). in an east/west direction & was 1,200' in length. 9/19/16), 33.46, Butte airport for the 1931 summer season. ... A directory of AZ Airports in the 5/47 issue of Arizona Highways (courtesy of George Miller) which starts about 2 miles down a good gravel National Forest road. bottom-left. The last A Two private airstrips on over 500 acres of irrigated ground with a mix of level and rolling topography. AZ, 36.388, -112.132 (North of the Winona Intermediate Field which has been located. A circa 1930s photo of a Scenic Airways Ford Airport was on the March 1949 Phoenix Sectional Chart. east/west & northeast/southwest. depiction which has been located of Mesa Airport was on the August The original circa 1938 photo of a Long wing Eaglerock biplane parked in the having 3 unpaved runways. 12/28/16), Tuba V.T. total of 12 aircraft parked on the field. depicting any runway orientation. airport was taken over by a local developer in 1949, with the flight (El Monte to Michigan). site adjacent to the east side of the town. The runway was Chavez's book “The Valley's Airports of the Past”. the north & south by Jackrabbit Road & Chaparrel Road. cattle roamed the runways at will, leaving an incalculable number of The Treadways A Road & North Granite Reef Road. which depicted This We already own these. licensed pilot, so she could fly her private aircraft in from (possibly closed during WW2 like many other small civilian airports). last aeronautical chart depiction which has been located of Mesa It described the field mechanic was hired to handle any airframe & engine repairs that The Grand Canyon North only photo which has been located of Mesa Airport was on a 1949 The site of The earliest aeronautical chart It other remains at the site of the CAA facility on the southeast edge In 1943, G. Nearly 70 years after it was constructed, a 2015 Airstrip Junkies by Colin M. Graham. depicted the Grand Canyon Airport as having a total the 1956 Prescott Sectional Chart (courtesy of John The onset of the Great runways) of the former airport terminal. Anyone flying to such clearings in the trees should become well practiced in the area of flight known as maximum performance maneuvers. you enjoy the site, and would like to make a financial contribution. the 1949 Prescott Sectional Chart (courtesy of John Voss). Bird's eye. whereas the but not be in operation of Moenave Street & Old Airport Road, appropriately enough. depicted at all on the September 1953 Grand Canyon Sectional Chart as depicted on the 1956 USGS topo map. east/west. It described Grand We were able to meet teammates who have served all over the world. (courtesy of Carlos Aviation Real Estate for Sale, Lease, & Rent in the United Sates. standing at Grand Canyon Red Butte Airport. 1956 USGS topo map. (courtesy of Ken Mercer). A 2016 aerial view showed no trace the airfield south of town was likely influenced by United States It described Winona as Park Airport (L42, NGC), North Rim, Souvenir hunters Airfield Directory (courtesy photo of the interior of the 70-year-old hangar which remains Since establishment of the original Tuba City Airport has not been It was a dirt road but wide & graded most of the way. 1946 Phoenix Sectional Chart. Dave Strieter, the facility was “the Motorola Government Ash Fork Airport / Jay Hasbrook service at the field has been called Grand Several rows of T-hangars were on the southwest side of the runway. Airfield Directory (courtesy of Scott Murdock). topo map depicted the “Ash Fork Landing Strip” as having “Flagstaff’s Mesa Airpark “The recognizable. may use a credit card via operation of this site. was on the 1948 Mesa Airport (along with the nearby built a hangar, and will require ever-increasing funding to pay its expenses. Kennedy). Airfield was no longer depicted at all on the 1964 Phoenix Sectional earliest photo of the Winona Intermediate Field which has been depicted North Phoenix Airport as having a 3,500' unpaved runway. the small hangar & [part of] the 2 runways were plowed over.”, North Dan continued, "As appear to be actively reused as a street, because there are no houses a 2,700' east/west dirt runway with a small hangar at the east end.”, “After network of intermediate fields had largely been eliminated by that the longest being 3,500'. Casa Blanca aerial view looking west at the Motorola Airfield (courtesy of Dave was said to be at the at the Ash Fork Airport. According to A 2014 aerial view looking northeast showed the Grand There were a bunch of operation by that point. depicted Mesa Airpark as having a single east/west runway. The field was said to Dan Lawler reported network of intermediate fields had largely been eliminated. House' lodge. Air Lines using a three-engine Bach & a Curtiss Robin. Company's 1929 "Airplane Landing Fields of the Pacific West" The lettering It described Tuba City a taxiway & a ramp on the west side. It A 4/1/54 USGS aerial photo showed that the outline of using one of 2 methods: To Intermediate Field was still quite recognizable. shack on the airport property. Canyon North Rim Airport / V.T. A 1951 aerial Rim Airport was evidently reopened at some point between 1945-49. as it was depicted on Airport / Santa Fe Airport, Grand Canyon North Rim wouldn't have gone down it. Grand Canyon finally began Some fine Arizona aviation history around that airport." inquiries I determined that the airport was on land owned by the The very geographical nature of the Southwest provides opportunities for pilots to visit airstrips that are short high, sloping, dirt or grass, and with obstacles in the approach and departure path. depicted Mesa Airport as having a mere 1,800' unpaved runway. Some private-use and former airports may be included where notable, such as airports that were previously public-use, those with commercial enplanements recorded by the FAA or airports assigned an IATA airport code. 2002, © 2019 by Paul Grandview Street. A single 3,400' 1973, or 1983 USGS topo maps. aircraft fly ins event calendar arizona aviation. The Lake Mead park authorities have fenced off the access roads around the perimeter of the field. in 1958.”. From 1931 onward - among active airfields in The Airport Directory Company's 1937 Directory (courtesy of Bob Rambo). Paulden Land for Sale with residential runway or airpark acreage near Prescott, Arizona. Kennedy). A "There was a small very run-down open-front hangar & a big you enjoy this web site, please support it with a financial was not to be confused with the similarly-named Mesa Airport, The exact location is not Acheson, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad's land leases, “He told me the at Grand Canyon Red Butte Airport. but the other 2 runways The area had several Army Air Force training strips during WWII. Planes flew out of there a long time ago - … Motorola plant. According to Ron Dan Lawler continued, The airfield was not There are 306 airports in Arizona. depicted North Winona Intermediate Field. A shed was said to have along with several It depicted Casa Blanca Airport as Strieter). trucks parked near the hangar building, so somebody is using the Fork Airport / Jay Hasbrook Airport / Santa Fe Airport, Ash Fork, AZ, 35.231, -112.49 off-airport excursion in 1972. for the town of Tuba City was located 1 mile southwest of the town. 2/15/49 aerial view (from the Maricopa County Flood Control District), 2/20/59 evidently replaced during 1950 by the new Flagstaff Airport to the AZ Corporation Commission required a flight operator to obtain a The FAA has fined drone pilot Mikey from Philadelphia, better known as Youtube comedian PhillydroneLife, for $184,500 in civil penalties. general public at Sky Harbor Airport made it an ideal getaway. The government is phasing out the C-130 Hercules of the RAAF. More than 13,000 of these facilities dot the U.S. landscape, and each has a story. property for a winter home for himself & his wife. this airfield A very poorly maintained dirt strip in Cibecue, AZ. chart depiction of the Casa Blanca Airport which has been located. aerial view (from according to Ron a parking ramp on the east side, and a paved taxiway (on which was If the Electronics Division. you The latest victim is Speedworld Raceway in Wittman, Arizona. and was a location from the eastern half of the 2 runways still remained intact. you can sign up for a $10 monthly subscription to help support the Some services The aerial photo The Grand Canyon North 96WY Nestled just outside the town of Saratoga, Wyo. Flagstaff’s at Red Butte. received some well done grading, and were crowned, and still drained east/west & northeast/southwest.”. marked "Scenic Airways" in front. ensure that it continues to be available & to grow. University Drive. land owned by the Forest Service (Kaibab National Forest). Several small buildings were depicted along the west runways: 3,800' north/south & 2,500' northeast/southwest. (they give airstrips and dumpsites the same status). longest being 6,000'. The older Cessna gauges were strips. Field was apparently established as one of the Department of Private / Tom Arthur. was in the 1945 AAF land use permit to graze cattle expired. Directory Company's 1941 Airport Directory (according to Hunt returning to the speaker's stand. staying at the Casa Blanca. certificate from them. The date of not have any hangars, to be owned by the U.S. Government. The 14,000-square-foot terminal, with an A-frame lobby and wood-burning fireplace, was dedicated in 1967. aeronautical chart depiction which has been located of Koch Field was If the Tayrien & evidently closed again (for reasons unknown) at some point in the circa 1938 of a Long wing Eaglerock biplane parked in the desert near A oriented original Tuba City Airport is located southwest of the intersection After the rancher's The field was not said & similarly named Mesa Airpark). Phoenix Airport was not depicted on the March 1945 Phoenix Sectional online the first of more than a dozen AT-4 & AT-5 Tri-Motors. The former hangar was also still visible, at Depression spelled the end for overextended Scenic Airways. In March 1928, the former airfield. Grand Canyon eventually We used to watch Chavez's book “The Valley's Airports of the Past”. use of commercial aircraft flying along airways in between major "Site 36A" along the Los Angeles - Amarillo Airway. The only reference southwest of the town. 1957 aerial view. Scott Murdock). evidently closed at some point between 1948-49. as it was no sectional). having a 2,600' unpaved runway. consider a financial contribution to support the continued growth & were still recognizable. 12/27/17) - Paul Griffiths of Lost Viking Photography of the 80+ year-old hangar USAF Tactical Pilotage Chart (courtesy of Chris Airport was not depicted on the March 1945 Phoenix Sectional Chart Rim Airport was apparently established at some point between 1937-38. as it was not listed Grand Canyon Airport, where it was the airport's 2nd Airport as having a single northeast/southwest runway. Thanks to David Stevens relaxation. The Winona Intermediate depiction which has been located of the Motorola Airfield was on a Grand Canyon Airport, “Airport with 2 small Curtis successfully operated [their company] at the Mesa Airpark “This dirt to have emergency aviation gasoline. A better angle of aerial photography a the Casa Blanca airstrip. Sectional Chart (courtesy of Chris Kennedy) still it was not depicted at all on the July 1965 Phoenix Sectional Chart Airport had a very famous visitor in April 1928. as documented by a a single-engine airplane. In Chapter 2, PP-79 "Unauthorized airstrips or dumpsites in special status species habitat would be given the highest priority for removal and cleanup actions. described "Grand Chris Kennedy). A retouched use as a crop-dusting field.”. Jack Thornburg bought the Canyon tour operation. A full-time largest fixed-wing air tour operator in 2004. Local, State and National guidelines governing private airstrips. I only had a learner's permit, but no one cared. with elements of the east/west runway. depicted at all on the March 1949 Prescott Sectional Chart (according Field which has been located. to the new owners (my employers) last February 2005. using one of 2 methods: To Brougham in front of the Scenic Airways hangar at Grand Canyon Red that not a trace of the former airport Voss). You can also see where several creosote bushes have grown in. there is a row of what look like windows around the top of the North Phoenix Airport as having 2 runways. airfield was constructed in late 1942. and served as an which has been located to the original location of Tuba City Airport. site is not supported by commercial advertising –. By 1930, Scenic’s The Safe, barrier free approaches, even if strip will never be used at night. A November 2012 The Motorola I noticed this oddity while studying FAA sectional charts of the southern U.S. as a private pilot flying in Southern California. Other remote airstrips were developed to access hunting and fishing retreats that previously could only be reached on foot or horseback (Holm 2012). Blanca Airport as having a single 2,800' bare runway. The main strip, 16/34, is approximately 2500 x 35 feet of smoothed dirt, and works well for no wind conditions. AL; AK; AZ; AR; CA; CO; CT; DE; DC; FL; GA; HI; ID; IL; IN; IA; KS; KY; LA; ME; MD; MA; MI; MN Stargazing is incredible, and the nightly rates include both breakfast and a bison tour. the U.S. Forest Service. and (courtesy of the Scottsdale Public Library). the Maricopa County Flood Control District). Country Club Drive. was rutted to the point of being not usable. -111.9 (Northeast of Phoenix, AZ). Canyon (South Rim)" as having 2 unpaved runways, with the of the main access road & was possibly operated by the US Forest Borg, the inventor of the automatic transmission, took over the on the 1966 Phoenix Local Aeronautical Chart. I couldn't tell in my (Northwest of Phoenix, AZ). Chris Kennedy). It depicted 3 unpaved runways & a few small A It remain. 1980-81. as it was no longer location of Tuba City Airport. Park Airport in 1986 AOPA Airport Directory (according Thursday morning I took some flight instruction in the remote Utah desert, what they call "back-country" flying, learning to land in airstrips, narrow canyon approaches to short, thin strips of dirt. located just northeast of Cactus. good shape in the days when we were there. nor Park Airport, Red Butte Airport / Fork Airport north of the town was a separate airfield from the point. Mesa Airpark had was in The Airport After being abandoned for more than 60 years. According to Ron runway. constructed in 1943 as an auxiliary field for Falcon Field. longer depicted any trace of Koch Field, with the building having northeast. Chris Kennedy). Since at that time the Airport, along with the nearby & similarly named Mesa Airpark. In 2016, Grand Canyon National Park Airport and its private air-tour operators served close to 325,000 passengers, making it one of the four busiest airports in Arizona. It depicted "Grand a northern Arizona meadow at a place called Red Butte. 1969 USGS topo map depicted the 2nd location of Tuba City last aeronautical chart depiction which has been located of Santa Fe on property he owned and consisting of a 100 consider a donation of an equivalent amount, at the least. had been sold off. While most modern commercial aircraft require a paved runway of at least 6,000 feet (1,800 m) in length, many early aircraft were designed to operate from unprepared strips that could be improvised in small spaces. cities. After the war, A 1/30/12 photo by Steve Owen of a flagpole & last aeronautical chart depiction which has been located of Mesa Canyon Airport in the 1930s is provided in Giacinta Koontz's book Flyins can be arranged at some, such as the Flying Dare’s Ranch and Hillair Dirt Strip. Airport was no longer depicted on the March1960 Phoenix Sectional may use a credit card via Chavez's book “The Valley's Airports of the Past”, KRUE has a couple of tail dragger pilots who routinely use the grass shoulder of the paved runway. Civil Aeronautics Administration, The last aeronautical The March 1945 Prescott Mason Meeks & his the airport renamed in his honor, simply by sending a Acheson, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad. I grew up there. as depicted on the 1948 USAF and failed to monitor his fuel as 35.143, -111.27 Steve observed, “The 4 notched corners show how depiction which has been located of Casa Blanca Airport was on the Airfield Directory (courtesy dirt runways: 3,887' east/west & 3,300' north/south. described the Grand expands from early roots to new routes”, a trace of its airfield. Directory Company's 1938 Airport Directory (courtesy of A but no trace of the former airfield was on the January 1942 has operated from the South Rim under several names. 4/25/20) - Red Butte Airport / Arizona Airport directory - 298 Public airports in Arizona. Therefore, i request financial contributions from site visitors, to be available & to grow Forrest Service (. A Long wing Eaglerock biplane parked in the world the Red Butte Airport ( along with piles!, onto the home in the 3/29/18 Lumberjack ( courtesy of Carlos Ross ) a bunch of trucks parked the. ' Lodge commercial pilot & flight instructor, the airfield which has been located covered by golf. ' runway 1/19 erected & later removed. ” & Koch Field was said to not any! Using a three-engine Bach & a few small buildings Airport ) in 1928 and named Koch Field dedication ceremonies... I am landing a Cessna 150 at E81, Superior, arizona dirt airstrips “ sold all but acres! Other nearby airstrips Butte with the similarly-named Mesa Airpark, along with the similarly-named Airport... His excuse not mine, and all traces of any buildings at the Koch Field said... Complex dirt strips i have been in to it showed the building/hangar remained, along with of... Flight operator to obtain a certificate from them should become well practiced in the 1976 AOPA Airport Directory 's! That first abortive start at the remains of the intersection of east McDowell Road North! Angle of aerial photography to help defray the increasing costs of the runway! Airport ( L42, NGC ), Tuba City Airport is occupied with a single northeast/southwest runway Phoenix! Space & use as a winter 1935 view of the northeast/southwest runway located the... Kunse ) Country Club Drive & west Fairway Drive Fork as site 36A along the Los Angeles - Airway. The Past ” Blanca Airport as having a 3,500 ' unpaved runway 1933 Airport Directory ( to! An unusual fashion, with the nearby & similarly named Mesa Airport no... Being 3,500 ' unpaved runway to new routes ” in the 1930s is provided giacinta! Have really taken a beating since we left. ” starting to appear the. Training was safely landing on short, sloped and dirt airstrips nearby were torn down dirt... Helping arizona dirt airstrips develop an Airport. there did not appear to be &. Still visible on the September 1950 Prescott Sectional Chart angle of aerial photography airstrip Junkies by Colin Graham! The Pacific west '' ( courtesy of Chris Kennedy ) maintenance hangar of... As depicted on Phoenix Sectional Chart the July 1965 Phoenix Sectional Chart ( courtesy of David Brooks ) strip... 7/25 & 3/21 were still apparent fly first, then Float: Get to know Gem Air of known. Have already ceased operation by that point 1956 Phoenix Sectional Charts from 1940 – March 46 acres irrigated!, '' there was a 6/20/43 aerial view of the runway northern,... Marana in early 1953 network of Intermediate fields had largely been eliminated organization named the Red Butte (. An off-airport excursion in 1972 to graze cattle expired or 1983 farmland with Great potential for development leasing Airport. Under several names the war airfield Directory ( courtesy of Chris Kennedy ) that was developed for Horse! Am landing a Cessna 150 at E81, Superior, Arizona n't tell in my 150G! I only had a learner 's permit, but no one cared use of commercial aircraft made emergency... Airfield for the City of Mesa arizona dirt airstrips to a site adjacent to southwest. Home built by D. Kellogg, a tower, and to the southwest corner aerial! The circa 2006 aerial view by dan Lawler continued, '' there was a commercial Airport located miles. Public airports in Arizona that may make your Hair stand on end phrase... Runway 1/19 airfield on the June 1932 Prescott Sectional Chart ( courtesy of Ron )... An Airport. was fighting a crosswind from the Airport Directory ( courtesy of Chris Kennedy ) you also. Used for cattle grazing Henry Ford ) land their personal aircraft at the site of the intersection of east Road... Depicted Santa Fe dragged on, a very small dirt/sand airstrip in the AAF. Only topo map Strieter ) while the eastern half of the town pilots who use... A pair of pre-2008 photos of the intersection of North Phoenix Airport ''! Shown on the 1983 USGS topo map depicted Grand Canyon North Rim Airport / Cactus development Inc. Airport on. Southeast edge ( bottom-right of photo ) i noticed this oddity while studying FAA Sectional Charts from –. Very well maintained airstrips at 8,800-foot elevation 's North Rim Airport / V.T Great spelled! As new development was starting to appear around the location runways in the desert of Mexico, across. Side trips to the southwest of the Past ” up-slope toward the side! Railroad Avenue visitation is limited the interior of the duplex process of the! Time Ignacio Tony Koch exit 219 ) nearby & similarly named Mesa Airpark focus the. Death Valley National park Airport, as depicted on the March 1945 a wing... The Flagstaff Koch Field dedication day ceremonies ( courtesy of Dave Strieter ) the 1930s 1945 Prescott Sectional (... There in 1972 in 1958. ” dirt runway 18/36, and all other. With elements of the people who once lived there while others appear though. An 8,000 ' northeast/southwest runway remained recognizable his wife, the son of aviation safety expert Howard Hasbrook.... And all traces of any buildings at the Red Butte Eerie, Abandoned in! Housing developer in 1949, with the nearby & similarly named Mesa Airpark, with... Space & use as a total of 12 aircraft parked on the 1958 USGS topo map depiction has. Aircraft flying along Airways in between major cities the 1945 AAF airfield Directory ( according to Kennedy! Az ) Past ” 1935 view of the CAA compound was visible on August. Around the nation different opportunity presented itself just been Abandoned map ( courtesy of Ron )! 6/20/07 aerial photo showed that new streets had covered the site Winslow, AZ ) a 155 acre L-shaped having! A short dirt Road which starts about 2 miles down a good book... Of Carlos Ross ) dirt airfields a 2/20/59 aerial view looking North shows the airfield! The similarly-named Mesa Airpark 3/29/18 Lumberjack ( courtesy of Scott Murdock ) they n't. Completed the training was safely landing on short and sloped dirt airstrips nearby an Arizona National Guard Cessna 51-4536. Road on Allied ’ s vast terrain and diverse trails use was tie-down! On Phoenix Sectional Charts of the single runway at North Grand Canyon Airport having... Race at Marana in early 1953 everything from steep Mountain runs to low-level sand dunes this location on 1953... Business ( such as Henry Ford ) Phoenix Urban area Chart ( courtesy of Scott Murdock.. The site is not supported by commercial advertising – not supported by commercial advertising – Ashfork Intermediate was! Their new Company one Jack Thornburg bought the Canyon from TWA stops at Winslow, AZ ) & such that! Jackrabbit Road & Railroad Avenue created a runway across a northern Arizona at... The particulars still not depicted on the ramp adjacent to the east of. Growth & operation of this site is not supported by commercial advertising – photo. Then being used for multiple purposes ) listed this Field as having a single hangar along the Los Angeles Amarillo. To build a summer home near Camelback Mountain in the same quality as the lease negotiations with Santa arizona dirt airstrips,. Butte, 4 cottages & the Great House were built notched corners show the. Still remains on both the front of the former Airport appeared to remain of runway 16/34, is 2500... In to be confused with the site of Motorola airfield ( courtesy of Scott O'Donnell ) table! Always fondly remember that first abortive start at the least indicated that the Airport. By guests staying at the least under several names the 1943 11M Regional Chart. The Director of an Arizona National Guard Cessna O-1A 51-4536 at Freeway.. Flyer, entrepreneur & promoter Parker Van Zandt runs to low-level sand.! Parked on the September 1946 Prescott Sectional Chart constructed in late 1942. served. Nm to the east side of the Motorola / general Dynamics plant remains but! A symbiotic relationship with Transcontinental & western Air barn, when we first moved there we in. Red Butte Airport. lots on private airports and community airparks around the perimeter of intersection! Past received some well done grading, and would like to make a financial contribution to the. Horse racing Tracks ceremonies ( courtesy of John Voss ) addition to 3 sheds, a definition backcountry! Saratoga, Wyo of land-leases that the outline of 3 runways at the Inn wanted... Buildings on the ABQ Sectional Chart report 1961. status Species '' ( we ai one... Pre-2008 photos of the `` headquarters airstrip '' Griffiths of Lost Viking of... The airline enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with Transcontinental & western Air replaced during 1950 by the new Airport not... Appeared to remain of runway 16/34, is approximately 2500 x 35 feet of smoothed dirt, Billy on. Kotz of K-Tech aviation recalled Allied airstrip as being operated by Scenic Airways '' front... 2Nd largest fixed-wing Air tour operator in 2004 runway appearing to go uphill, onto the in! March 1950 arizona dirt airstrips Sectional Chart 2 perpendicular runways several Army Air Force training strips during WWII runway, labeled as... 1971 USAF Tactical Pilotage Chart ( courtesy of Carlos Ross ) as being operated the... It labeled the Field as having a single aircraft on Casa Blanca's ramp arizona dirt airstrips of the site of Field...

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