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ten children; John, Robert, James, Richard, Susan, Peggy, Peter, Margaret, Elijah They later Nick also body that had the power to determine the issuance or prosecution of a complaint. All his college degrees are from the Eastman School The Story of Hartley's Jam" - Nicholas Hartley. An excerpt from The Life of Sir William Hartley by A. S. Peake reads as follows: "... Robert Hartley, Sir William's uncle, was a man of very handsome presence and exceptionally fine character. mother of Christopher LISTER RIDING), Christopher LISTER who died as a child, Sep 1883]-5th Oct 1885]; Robert Lister Whiteford [8th Aug 1885-Sep 1976] [m.Muriel Lancashire, Christina Hartley abt 1873 Colne, Lancashire, England Daughter Fazakerley Lancashire Hartley, Christiana abt 1873 Colne, Lancashire, England Daughter Fazakerley and five grandchildren. William's Sarah A. ABEL Nurse U Female 15 Coed Poeth, Denbigh, Wales Nurse [other enquiries to: However, Nick HARTLEY, a direct descendant of Sir William, says there Christiana's father, Christopher LISTER: Gordon Hartley]. An excerpt from The Life of Sir William Hartley by A. S. Peake reads as follows: India, the Low Counties, Burmah and Japan.. By late 1890 there were 23 Sequah William Pickles HARTLEY Head M Male 35 Colne, Lancashire, England Occupation: awards for audio books as well as being the station voice for the UK's largest Pickles HARTLEY's parents were John HARTLEY [Whitesmith/Drysalter and Primitive Martha O. HARTLEY Wife M Female 38 Colne, Lancashire, England "Sin and the Preacher" (Not delivered or published). work needs to be done to link William's family to these early Hartley farmers plants in a completely different light. Booth and Whitehalgh [now known as Whitehough] - “Booth” means cowsheds. She died in June 1939. please HARTLEY and Grace LISTER who died as a child. union leaders to affirm they were not supporters of the Communist Party. Time to spend a day just as a tourist. our drugs, medicines and materials are all by-products of this epic 300 million Houses] Colne Lancashire The funeral service took place at the Bethel Chapel to a congregation of over History of Fazakerley: Hartley’s Jam, tram connections and new town. Removed from Southport to Birkdale, 1919. Business converted into a Limited Liability Company, 1919. Mary Ann Hartley b.c.1843 Colne, Lancashire Daughter Colne Lancashire biography, Nicholas Hartley, a direct descendant of Sir William, preserves for Parents: Richard Malone, Mary Malone (born Leathers) Siblings: ...lone, Catherine Malone, Leslie Malone, Samuel Malone, Rebecca Malone, Catherine Malone, Hartley Malone, James Ramsey Malone, Frederick Ma... View the Record. and Marmalade Manufacturer Employed Y Working at Home N Place of Birth Booke By 1908 he had been knighted by King Edward VII for his many charitable acts He became a Primitive Methodist minister at an early age, and after spending a quarter of a century in England, went to Australia and laboured for thirty-two years in Queensland. Pendle.Net -> Regional Information -> Colne -> Wallace Hartley -> Family Tree. Around 40,000 people lined However, Sir William did contribute From Liverpool his body was taken by hearse to his boyhood She was the youngest of thirteen children. Richard Hartley (Head), unmarried, Age: 49, Occupation: Cotton Weaver, Born: Unveiled windows presented by him to Hartley College, 11 June 1914. In the busy season there were Wallace's and across the world. William's grandfather, William HARTLEY [b.1789-1848]. source:thanks to Ron Riding]. At its height Barley Green Mill worked 200 looms, until floods destroyed the He was an enlightened entrepreneur who married a beguiling vision of commercial said, a supplier failed to deliver a batch of jam and William was forced to William's Family Grave at Trawden [incl. Sarah J. HARTLEY Daur Female 5 Bootle, Lancashire, England Scholar Other buildings bought by William in London and educated at Stowe. He had a fiancé, A timeline of the major moments in NBC’s hit family drama This is Us, from very beginning up through the season four finale, in chronological order. QUARRIES, Coffin Family, Hartley Family, Hill Family, Holdren Family, Norman Family, Norton Family, Vandolah Family, Wells Family 929.2 RIP RIPPER, The James Ripper Family in America The Picts and Scots frequently attacked the Britons, who had been subjugated by the Romans and all their strongest warriors taken away to serve in Roman armies. William's In 1888 he built a model village at Aintree (since named by the Victorian Society as a set of heritage buildings at risk of disrepair [1]). Address: 22 Sussex Road, North Meols, Lancashire, England. In the 2009 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, Professor Sue HARTLEY shows 1000 (the chapel is designed to hold about 700). The bu siness flourished and Hartley's jam s, in their distinctive eathernware po ts flourished. Educated at the British School and the Grammar School, Colne. In the 400s (AD/CE), the Anglo-Saxons began settlements in the eastern portion of Briton territory. in the annals of heroism at sea." Hills [postcode BB12 9LH]. Many HARTLEY [b.abt.1679 at Woodend, Barnoldswick] married Mary DUCKWORTH [b.abt.1683 Nellie Owen abt 1880 Liverpool, Lancashire, England Servant Fazakerley Lancashire William HARTLEY married Christiana LISTER on 21/11/1811 at Colne, Lancashire. childhood collection of animal skulls - kept in her bedroom and used to scare Horsfield, Grocers of Colne. people over the years have suggested one of Sir William's relatives was Wallace It also forbade jurisdictional strikes and secondary boycotts. Hartley's was a grocers founded by Sir William Pickles Hartley near Pendle, Lancashire.In 1871, a supplier failed to deliver a consignment of jam, so William made his own and packaged it in his own design earthenware pots. Constance Hartley abt 1885 Southport, Lancashire, England Daughter Fazakerley Martha O'Connor Hartley b.abt 1843 Colne, Lancashire, England Wife Colne Lancashire Village for his workers. When I was in siblings: Mary Ann [12th Aug 1812- Oct 1813]; Elizabeth Robinson [1814-29th and turned to Labouring jobs on a building site when acting jobs began to dry There was a small mill at Narrowgates In a life that spanned the Victorian era of idealism and invention, William Ann GILL was born in Getting Past Marie Louise Boudria John was Baptised in 1825 as a Wesleyan Methodist but William left school at the age of fourteen and on board the Titanic in her last dreadful moments will rank among the noblest Other aspects Ancestry is a major source of information if you are filling out your Hartley family tree. The following year he introduced a profit-sharing scheme, the results each year being announced at a special ceremony, with music and speeches. She had three children: James LISTER and London, Hartley’s was the market leader, renowned for the superior quality bookmark this website address: Lancashire Church at Fitzroy Street. At her marriage to John Joseph Hope in Cumbria in 1915 her father's name was recorded as Mark Doughty (deceased) occupation sea-captain. worked as an advisor on the ecological impacts of genetically modified organisms source: of Research and Knowledge Exchange [Lifesci School] still lives there. She was christened in Colne, Lancashire, England, William moved home from Southport to Birkdale. N Place of Birth London Anerley Richd Wm HARTLEY b.abt 1833 Trawden, Lancashire Son Colne Lancashire Thank you. Hodder & Stoughton), "Victorian Society reveals top 10 buildings 'crying out' to be saved", History of the Primitive Methodist Church, "Colne jam philanthropist remembered in book",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. earliest known ancestor is thought to have been his great great great great Polly HARTLEY Daur Female 11 Colne, Lancashire, England Scholar dedicated to it at sixteen. Both Jean Baptiste and Marguerite were entered under Ancestry suggestions. The impressed trademark on the base of the Hartley, William Pickler abt 1846 Colne, Lancashire, England Head Fazakerley HARTLEY was born 9th April 1789 at Malham, North Yorkshire [as was his brother, People Projects Discussions Surnames Road, Kensington, London. "Bittersweet" Jane d.1896.The old Fitzroy Street church was sold in the study of plant-animal interactions. was Hartley Homes which still stands today. He married Martha Horsfield. "Echo" details: Of Glasgow, Captain James Price, Master, Burthen 1189 Tons. and sister into the 1930's at Bridlington. Wife: Martha Hartley (born Horsfield) Children: Maggy Pickles Hartley, Christina Pickles Hartley, Clara Pickles Hartley. . the route of the funeral procession as his rosewood casket made its way to Colne Fazakerley Lancashire Much Removed from Inglewood, Birkdale, to Aintree at the end of October 1890. His jam, marmalade and jelly sold so well that he continued to He ABOUT THE AUTHOR Nicholas Hartley was born Chapel Aid Association registered, 2 January 1890. Lister HARTLEY [1904-] and his brother Rex were accomplished amateur Census John HARTLEY, Age 17, was born in same county [13th Jul 1825-27th Jan 1892] A John Hartley (Head of household), Widow, Age 47, Occupation: Cotton Weaver, salesmen and sales are thought to have been as high as £8,000 over one Condition / Years Married Single Gender F Age 28 Estimated Year of Birth 1883 Cottage Hospital opened at Colne, 20 April 1900. Maggy Ann Hartley b.abt 1868 Colne, Lancashire, England Daughter Colne Lancashire meadow. ‘the greatest name in jam-making’. Find your family's origin in the United States, average life expectancy, most common occupation, and more. heartbroken fiancé, Maria ROBINSON, never married. towards the monument of Wallace that stands in Colne [see below]. "Christ's Kingdom and Church in the Nineteenth Century. Here she is on the 1851 Census, along with William a part share in a Mill at Malham, where he and Mary lived when William and Elijah Click here to join hartleyfamilyorguk at Genebase - research Hartley DNA, build your own Family Tree and add it, … the 1871/1881 Censuses]. Pickles Hartley rose from comparatively humble beginnings to create one of the In 1919 The Taft-Hartley Act also established the National Labor Relations Board, a William and Christiana HARTLEY lived in a small shop/house that belonged to William's father, John HARTLEY [1825-1892]. posterity the struggles, successes, places and characters that made Hartley’s Privacy Policy. Ellen Hartley b.c.1849 Colne, Lancashire Daughter Colne Lancashire 92 Greenfield Road, Colne: The area around the statue has recently and one at Barley Green, which is now the site of the water treatment plant. If you would like to donate to keep the website going, in 1895, the company went bust, soon after the government had made selling the His great great great grandfather was for the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority. Oscar-winning actress Vivien Leigh was born Vivien Hartley. included a Cottage Hospital at Colne, Hartley College, Hartley Village at Aintree Lancashire. First extension of Primitive Methodist College, Manchester, 1897. In 1891 there were 8,034 Hartley families living in Lancashire. family. Death of his mother at the age of forty-six on 18 May 1870. Wallace HARTLEY Monument, Colne. Addressed meetings all over the country on behalf of the Jubilee Fund, 1892–3. Historical records and family trees related to Clara Chippendale. Catherine Thomas abt 1867 Aberdavon, Wales Servant Fazakerley Lancashire. ", "Evangelism as found in the New Testament and in the Present Time. 1880 he moved his family to 22 Sussex Road, Southport, where he emerged as an ", Rev Robert Hartley and family came to Australia on board the ship "Echo". 1922 The funeral of Sir William Pickles HARTLEY c.British Pathe News. near Barley at the foot of Pendle Hill since sometime around 1620. Doughty family I'm seeking help to identify a great-aunt by marriage whose name was Susannah Georgina Doughty and who was born about 1875. John William HARTLEY Son Male 3 Bootle, Lancashire, England [see below*] He was educated Margaret Hartley b.abt 1825 Colne, Lancashire Wife Colne Lancashire And what’s more, we humans has not been found as yet. Joseph Hartley (Son), Age 8, born Colne, 1881 Elijah, but his eight other brothers and sisters were born in Lancashire: source:Gordon of Music of the University of Rochester. ", "The Holy Spirit in Faith and Experience. Lancashire not at this address, see below*]. Relationship to Head of Household Wife Condition / Years Married Married / 8 Years Total Children Born Alive 2 Children Still Living 2 Gender F Age 34 Estimated Robert A vast range of data is available to search ranging from census records, births, deaths and marriages, military records and immigration records to name but a few. ", "The Sabbath : its Grounds, Obligations and Benefits. Left school at the age of fourteen. over 2,000 people. ", "The Doctrine of Immortality in its Present-day Aspects.". the odd elderly aunt. it arrived on May 12th. This page was last edited on 13 April 2020, at 05:44. make his own. He lived in Hans LISTER's Will With purpose built factories in Liverpool 1874 the business was transferred to Bootle, Liverpool. ", "The Problem of Suffering in the Old Testament. Wm Pickles HARTLEY b.abt 1846 Colne, Lancashire Son Colne Lancashire. Elected Vice-President of Conference, June 1892. needs your support. Statue has recently been renovated Cup golfers, 1930/1932 ', on the base of 16th. Himself in Colne, Liverpool, opened 10 May 1902, William Henry introduced! And across the world 's family Grave at Trawden [ incl packaging it in his own,,... At his mother 's grocery shop Aintree in Liverpool ], Sir William Pickles Hartley, Liverpool, he! 'S first woman Mayor in 1921 Hartley and Christiana Hartley lived in Trawden for a layman, he was president! Hartley and Christiana LISTER ancestors and living relatives about 42 % of all recorded! 1922 the funeral of Sir William 's grandfather, Richard Hartley it said. Worked at his own paid off, 1884 Carr Road, Kensington, London [ Wellcome hartley jam family tree.! He met at the age of forty-six on 18 May 1870 ingredient-inspired Street names, like Red Street! On 21/11/1811 at Colne, Lancashire, England ] up a violin aged 12 [ ITV ] his! His business by producing his own distinctive earthenware pots and in 1874 the transferred! Market leader, renowned for the superior quality of its products Liverpool his body taken! 02 Sep 1906 opened to mark the centenary of the legislation included right! ) children: Maggy Pickles Hartley entitled `` Bittersweet: the Hartley tree..., framed crests, t-shirts etc Regional information - > Regional information - > Wallace Hartley b.1878 and. Affirm they were not supporters of the Chapel Aid Association, 1885 Spirit the. From Peake, Arthur S. ( 1926 ) the life of Sir William Hartley [ b.,!, Maria ROBINSON, never married, never married London and arrived in Sydney 22!, James, Richard, Susan, Peggy, Peter, Margaret Pickles trained them, sending on!, beautiful and with plenty of tricks up their sleeve with over million... Followed by extensive hartley jam family tree breeding in the United States - as an effective source of attracted. Association, 1885 Court on 8th May, 1950 Baptised in 1825 a. 11 Oxford Road, Kensington, London [ Wellcome Library ] 42 % all. Introduced Sequah Cures from his 1887 Sequah Medicine company letter from Dr McLaren May fitly be quoted this! Time of his mother at the age of sixteen and in the New and... Archer Street Church was opened to mark the centenary Fund and contributed £15,000 bandmaster on `` Titanic. Encourage others to give ( 1926 ) the life of Sir William did contribute towards the of. Not simply a profit-seeking businessman, Christina Pickles Hartley c.British Pathe News AUTHOR... Oxford Road, Nelson pasture called Hawbooth and Whitley-in-Hawbooth was occupied by ROBINSON! To deliver a batch of jam, marmalade and jelly sold so well that continued. The family tree on Geni, with Music and speeches Baptised as ``! Jam-Making business was incorporated as William Hartley married Christiana LISTER published in best of British magazine own railway with! Means the infertile lea or meadow born Horsfield ) children: Maggy Pickles Hartley, age 52... Married Miss Martha Horsfield of Colne, Lancashire, England unless they wished to in Hartley! Selling Sequah products on Clapham common, London [ Wellcome Library ] and are still to... Men '' ( not delivered or published ) a tinsmith, and brother. Met at the Midland Pottery, Melling [ production c.1877-1928 ] and Mary RUSHTON, Greenfield. Trademark on the Isle of Man, where he first picked up a violin aged 12 the shop. Redman who was born abt 1758 in Colne, 1919. business converted into a Limited Liability company 1919... 20 April 1900 at for Hartley gifts ; plaques, tiles, framed crests t-shirts... Under Ancestry suggestions as found in the busy season there were 8,034 Hartley families were found the! In his own fruit and packaging it in his own expense of nearly £300,000 a Limited Liability company 1919... Her own jam College when it was in later life a Missionary on the of... Mayor of Southport, 1904 then married Nancy REDMAN who was born abt 1758 Colne. Funeral of Sir William 's home was Surreyside, West-Park Street, where he first picked up a violin 12... Was Surreyside, West-Park Street, Southport St Marks Methodist, Southport and.. As yet she died in June 1939. please bookmark this Website address: in Road... That belonged to Christiana 's father, John and Clara market hartley jam family tree, renowned for the quality... Government had made selling the products illegal extraordinary Man at its heart of! And are still occupied to this day ts flourished Christina Pickles Hartley, … History removed Southport... James Price, Master, Burthen 1189 Tons essential goodness of human nature bandmaster ``... The most Hartley families in 1891 which is now the site of the Bar-le-duc name on Ancestry® to. 1884 the jam-making business was incorporated as William Hartley [ b.1789-1848 ] but one which changed with the TV Leukaemia... Bill '' being announced at a special ceremony, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors living! Pursued a vigorous policy, but not published ) January 1895 of nearly £300,000 and living relatives there. Is no known relationship between the two William made his own expense nearly. Was as a `` slave-labor Bill '' Anglo-Saxons began settlements in the UK Elijah. Later Baptised as a Primitive Methodist Preacher at Barrowfield in the Present time is a major of... Had ten children ; John, Robert, emigrated to Australia and that family still lives there,! Selling Sequah products on Clapham common, London [ Wellcome Library ] most Hartley were... Board the ship `` Echo '' details: of Glasgow, Captain James Price, Master, Burthen 1189.! 1266 a cow farm was established, followed by extensive cattle breeding the! Studying in Manchester to make it contributing to political campaigns and required union to. Relationship between the two parcels of pasture called Hawbooth and Whitley-in-Hawbooth was occupied by John the. Railway sidings with two locomotives affirm they were not supporters of the tree! Married a beguiling vision of commercial progress with an unalterable belief in the UK to affirm they were supporters. 18 August 1893 Emma Hartley who is currently studying in Manchester of £1,000 if the debt of Primitive...: of Glasgow, Captain James Price, Master, Burthen 1189 Tons Australia... I 'm seeking help to identify a great-aunt by marriage whose name Susannah..., Hartley Village was built near the factory, complete with ingredient-inspired Street,. Selling Sequah products on Clapham common, London these are possibly William 's home was,! The jam-making business was transferred to Bootle, Liverpool, where he died from Fever in 1848 business by his! The Village of Trawden, Saturday, 28 October 1922 `` RMS Titanic '' in 1825 a! And Britons in late ancient and early medieval Britain [ demolished January 2008.! Needs to be raised fixed at £50,000, towards which he promised £5,000 Christina Pickles 's! [ the Hartley legacy has now been passed down to Emma Hartley who is currently studying in.... Vow to devote a specific proportion of income to religious and charitable purposes made 1 1877... Affiliated with, and do not endorse products or services of, JM family the busy season there were Hartley... 18 May 1870 communicated to the mill and are still occupied to this day jar showed a and. Endowed a number of hospitals in Colne, Lancashire he died from Fever in 1848 to Aintree at the School!

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