Beautiful People by Wendy Holden

By Wendy Holden

"When she's reliable, she's very, excellent, and Beautiful humans finds Holden on steroids. Unmissable."
-Daily Mirror

A witty, totally addictive novel from bestselling writer Wendy Holden, Beautiful humans is a story depraved in its observations but buoyant at its center: an impossible to resist confection you'll are looking to consume immediately.

Darcy-a suffering English rose actress when the decision comes from L.A. An Oscar-tastic director. A motion picture to make her well-known. The hunkiest costar in Hollywood. So why doesn't she are looking to go?</strong>

<strong>Belle-a size-zero movie big name but she's in great, fats difficulty. warmer than the earth's center a year ago, she's now Tinseltown toast after her final movie bombed. Can she come again to the massive time?</strong>

<strong>Emma-a down-to-earth, down-on-her-luck nanny trying to climate London's cutthroat childcare scene and famous person mother whirlwinds. What will it take for her to come back answerable for her personal life?<strong></strong>

Jet to London, Hollywood, and Italy; toss in a passionate big name chef, a kindhearted paparazzo, and a reluctant male twiglet; and locate Wendy Holden at her best-a wreck overseas hit.

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