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1x Honey Dabber II Quartz Replacement Tip, This sherlock bubbler is fumed with gold, purple, and blue smokey swirls that are blown into the glass. This small glass bubbler stands at 6" tall and is distinguished by red and yellow swirls that are blown into clear glass. The different sections of a larger bong are made ahead of time and then assembled on the lathe. No matter the price or style of bong you're looking for, we have the collection to match your desires. Our shop includes bongs of varying quality and pricing. It's not easy finding a cheap quality bong, but the best online headshop has you covered. Username or email * Password * Log in. This Sherlock style bubbler weed pipe was hand blown from top quality borosilicate glass and it is built to last a lifetime. When navigating the internet to purchase a bong, it seems there are endless choices, styles, and colors. Our selection is comprised of water pipes made from Pyrex glass, soft glass, and borosilicate glass. Bongs are one of the most popular and most effective methods of smoking as countless people are beginning to switch over to them as their tool of choice. Regardless of the price option you seek out, we can guarantee quality and dependability. Decorated with pink and blue latticino designs these bubblers are backed by dense gold fuming work. The Martian Bubbler has a spill proof design so you don’t have to worry about getting your wrap wet, and it has all the functionality of a one-hitter style dry product pipe that minimizes waste and helps filter out toxins. Sort by Sort by: Best selling. $50 - $100 (19) $100 - $200 (5) $200 - $300 (2) Brands. Get all three holes stuffed behind a dumpster of the three-holed perc, which is welded to the base for extra durability. 24 per page 36 per page 48 per page . Biohazard Inc is the one-stop shop for all your Wholesale Smoke Shop, Wholesale Dispensary Supplies and Cannabis packaging needs. WHAT'S IN THE BOX We have a variety of girly and cute bongs for sale in our collection. With so many bong options to choose from, how do you know which is the best to use for you? A Bong is commonly defined as a device, generally used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or a myriad of other herbal substances, which uses water and/or ice as a filtration system. InnokinCell has an integrated smart-PCB which provides advanced safety features including overcharge protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection, and auto-shutoff. It allows great blows of smoke or steam through the mask, one of the most fun creations for parties or personal use. How to Fix a Broken Bong: Different Methods and How They Work, Keep It Clean During COVID-19 – How to Clean a Bong without Isopropyl Alcohol, The Ultimate Guide to Heating your Ceramic Dab Nail, 5 Essential Dabbing Tools for Beginner Dabber 2020, The Ultimate Guide to Pipes for Beginners, Nectar Collectors – A New Take on Dabbing. Just need extra batteries? Included is a 14 mm glass martini slide bowl with a jade green handle making this a mean, green. Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Black, Hot Pink, Included: 14mm Male Glass Slide Bowl (or Quartz Banger), Color: White Frits, Verticle Rasta Stripe, Variations: Slime Purple, Slime Pink, Slime Green. Sort by ... 8" Wrap & Rake Beaker Bong. The soft cube-shaped weed pipe body and Sherlock style neck places this bong into a category all it's own. The current bong market is dominated by high-end water pipes that cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Watch the tones and effects change with your environment and as you take your hits. Whether you need premium Glass Pipes, Mylar Bags, or Cannabis lab Supplies.Our Bulk Packs were created to increase your margins and save you time on getting the most popular items to your customers. With this standard setup, the bowl will have an o-ring to help seal the bowl to the downstem ensuring a solid pull when taking a hit. Add to cart. Including an ice pinch at the bottom of the straight neck, this ice beaker bong is ideal for anyone's collection and is instantly running for the title as your next favorite! Mile High Glass Pipes has curated an ever-changing range of unique and diverse water pipes under $50. You don't need some nasty glass hanging around your neck!). Looking for a quality functional bong or water pipe, but want to stay under $50? The most striking difference between the 2 types of glass used for bongs is their color. We have bongs with purple and pink accents as well as cute, girly themed bongs. Buy the Millennium Falcon Nectar Collector from the Star Wars Collection. One of the more basic percs is dome perc. They offer a higher filtration ability and a much smoother smoke over dome percs. Cheap bongs don't necessarily mean low-quality bongs. This mini white Rasta bubbler is the perfect piece to travel on the go with. Cheap bongs under $20 If you are looking for an even cheaper weed bong under $20 , mini bongs like our Mini Smoke Box may be a great option for you . Beaker Base ; Recycler ; SHOP BY MATERIAL. Select options. These water pipes also have a 3 pinch ice catcher for rapidly cooling smoke. The buttons have been tested to over 100,000 clicks and the 510 connection has a spring-loaded pin to ensure maximum connectivity. Timing: we have a 7-days Return & Exchange Policy, since the day item was received. 34 products. ... Home Under $100 Bong and Dab Rigs. On a glass on glass bong, a grommet is not necessary. Tree percs can range from 3 branches up to 20 or more. However this is one of the harshest ways to enjoy your dry product, and coughing fits are common enough. We've got you covered! Simple bongs are available for those who are tight on a budget and are still learning how it all works. It holds a small amount of water in a chamber to filter your smoke and cool it down before it enters your mouth and lungs. Free shipping Your 100% satisfaction is important for us. Standard water pipes come with a grommeted bowl. With over hundreds of options to choose from, we have your back when it comes to finding your perfect bong. There is a hole in the water pipe, and a rubber grommet is used to adapt the downstem to the bong. Here at, we feature a large collection of affordable bongs that will cost you less than $100 even $50. We have the best selection of cheap bubbler mini bongs for under $20 bucks. User Manual The entire glass body is durable, with reinforcement on the straight neck and a fancy thick mouthpiece. This novelty silicone nectar collector includes a quartz dab straw-chillum combination and 2 silicone dab compartments. Note the sexy duotone split color design blown into this functional glass pipe. It’s a great looking, eye-catching water pipe. Available in Teal or Brown, this pipe has a beaker shape with an attached downstem diffuser and a decorative exterior rollstop/handle. You can find some of the best bongs under $50, … PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SELECT A BATTERY BEFORE YOU ADD TO CART. 24 per page 36 per page 48 per page . The chamber is a solid glass double bubble with a fixed downstream, fat bowl capacity, and a hammer style handle. They're for everyone, just as our cannabis industry forefathers would have wanted. Translucent green and gold leopard spots are blown into gold fumed pink bubblegum glass to create stunning visuals while you smoke. There are many options available these days for smoking cannabis. Our bongs include recycler bongs, perc bongs, beaker bongs, silicone bongs, tiny bong and large bongs. It is made from heatproof borosilicate glass that perfectly preserves the flavor that your herbs have to offer.So if you are looking for a perfect gift for your clumsy friend or in need of a bong to use during parties, without having to worry about breakage, this is the perfect solution. Included is a 14 mm glass martini slide bowl with a jade green handle making this a mean, green, NOTE: THE INNOKIN DISRUPTER CONSISTS OF TWO DIFFERENT PARTS: THE DISRUPTOR CONTROL UNIT, AND THE INNOKINCELL BATTERY. The great aesthetic and intelligent design make The Martian Wrap Bubbler a fantastic piece for anyone looking to augment their wrap smoking experience and enjoy a cooler, smoother hit. If a product gets damaged or was faulty upon a delivery - we offer 100% return. Another benefit comes from the water found in the base of the bong. WHAT'S IN THE BOX Introducing the new Spiral Wrap Soft Glass Bong. Easy to carry in the shock resistant travel case. For many smoking tools, the smoke inhaled can be dirty and difficult to take. This innovation is designed exclusively for the Honey Dabber II, and should be replaced after several uses to avoid clogging. Pyrex glass can have colors added to it to make them stand out more than standard bongs. Our collection of products will help point you in the right direction to finding the bong for you. For the avid smoker who wants a unique smoking experience, we've got your back. The little horns give it some "grabbability" action with the carburetor on the left side and the bottom chamber able to carry a little water to smoothe those delicious rips you'll be taking out of it. At 6.5 inches tall, the Blue Ball rig comes with an included banger and a heavy wall of thick borosilicate glass with a polished joint and clean, polished welds. We’ve seen a huge amount of demand for the Martian Bubbler for wraps, and with good reason. To better help you find what you are looking for or if you just want to become more familiar with popular terminology, the language, words, or slang used in smoke shops. Looking for the perfect pipe is not an easy task, especially when you're looking for cheap bongs that will still treat you right. The Martian Bubbler is a super compact bong for use with papers and wraps; simply fit your papers into it an enjoy smooth, water-cooled hits! This Jade and Gold Fumed Bubble Bong stands at 8-inches tall and weighs a total of 9.5 ounces. Beaker Base Bongs ; Flat Base Bongs ; Gripper Bongs ; Round Base Bongs ; Straight Tube Bongs ; SHOP BY SIZE. Bongs are a better way to smoke and a more effective process with much less spill. Whether you're just starting out or you've been smoking for years, there's a perfect bong for you. Display. This hammer bubbler pipe is definitely in style with thick glass and gold fumed stem and body. Dab rigs are the best way to enjoy concentrates at home, because they offer water filtration for cooling hits, and have a variety of unique designs. We offer a 7-days Return & Exchange Policy: Do you want to add products to your personal account? It’s so compact that it actually comes with a pendant loop so you can wear it around your neck as a functional fashion statement (just make sure you keep it clean! Are you a Stars Wars Fan who also loves to dab concentrates? Then the bowl slides in the down stem, and it seals without the need for an o-ring. This soft glass bong needs to be seen in person to believe. The beaker base is covered in a jade wrap and rake swirl technique that's complemented by a clear gold fumed straight tube neck. The Innokin Disrupter Mod is the first device to utilize Innokin’s revolutionary InnokinCell Vaping Power System (LiPo) replaceable battery technology. Under $50 - Bongs. Filter Showing 1 - 38 of 38 products. This bright line of American borosilicate glass bongs features a six-arm tree percolator topped with one of three slime colors. Available in Sherlock, and Hammper glass pipe styles. It's easy to make a mess with a spliff or a joint, but with a bong, the simple packing procedure helps prevent any spill. Bongs under 50 are high quality and come in all shapes and sizes. The soft glass bongs under $50 that sell usually have bright, vivid colors. Sort by Sort by: Alphabetically, A-Z. Under $35.00 Under $50 Home Cheap Bongs & Water Pipes. They get you really smoked out really fast and are sometimes even art pieces. This essential beaker base bong from LA Pipes is made with scientific glass, features a beaker base, and simple, straightforward design. Once it is lit, it stays lit. The Martian is only a few cm tall, and features a stable glass base that will keep it from tipping over when not in use. Below you will find our top ten best Heavy duty bongs are also available for those who are more avid smokers. Original (1) LMAO Glass (14) Mint Glass (11) ... All of our Beaker Bongs are custom made in a varieties of colours and sizes. We’ve got plenty of options for cheap bongs that don’t skimp on quality.. We know good glass can be expensive. The area where the joint and the down stem meet is frosted or sandblasted, making a tight seal without using a grommet. Display: 48 per page. Experience soft glass by adding it to your glass collection! Whether it be the quality of the piece, the glassblower, or Company that produced the bong, or the sheer size of the bong, these water pipes can be priced out of range for many smokers. Check out our collection featuring Bongs under $50. The blower starts with a glass tube, closes up the end, heats the tube, and blows it out to make the bong shape. The lathe spins the glass tube and allows the artist to weld different pieces together. Looking for the perfect dab rig is not an easy task, especially when you want quality design and function that won't break the bank. Whether you need premium Glass Pipes, Mylar Bags, or Cannabis lab Supplies.Our Bulk Packs were created to increase your margins and save you time on getting the most popular items to your customers. These Backwoods Beaker Bongs are the … This 6" mini beaker bong has a beautiful Blue or green wrap & rake design made from thick borosilicate glass. Beaker Bongs; Straight Tube Bongs; Rigs; Pipes; Bubblers; Smoking Accessories; Staff Picked; Limited Editions; On Sale; New Arrivals; Under $50. With a bong comes many benefits other tools don't experience. Bongs Under $50 Showing: 1-24 of 49 Sort Sort Featured Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new Information about dab rigs, what they are, how they work, and help you make better, more informed decisions for your own individual needs when it comes to smoking pipes. The Glass Bubbler Hammers are longer than classic glass bubblers and work to produce larger smoke puffs, ideal for sharing with friends. Percolators come in many different styles, shapes, and designs. Enjoy a sturdy straight tube mouthpiece, the 14mm female joint for the included slide bowl, and a glass beaded body for additional grip and style. In this collection you will find awesome looking girly bongs from brands such as My Bud Vase, Diamond Glass, and others. It is made of different pieces of glass that are made into a dome shape. is perfect for pink pipe lovers looking for a durable standup glass pipe with a large marijuana bowl. To assemble, simply place the quartz tip into the mouthpiece hole of the Honey Dabber II. Sits solid on your smoking table and is a full 8" long yet weighs only 7 oz. The one part that needs to be handled with care is the 14.5mm glass herb bowl that is included with your purchase. Under 20cm ; 20cm - 40cm ; 40cm - 60cm ; Over 60cm ; SHOP BY PRICE. Under $50 ; $50 - $100 ; $100 - $200 ; Over $200 ; BONG PARTS. All Rights Reserved. $38. Please browse our extensive collection of bongs under $50. Under $50 ; ... Bongs Under $50. We stock the best pieces at the best prices, and there's nothing wrong with going affordable! Unlike cheap, imported glass, this functional soft glass art is the highest quality and hand-blown with vibrant green colors and gold fuming techniques. High quality and cheap price glass pipes, bongs, rigs, vaporizers and other smoking accessories sale outlet USA online. The sandblasted technique adds extra dimensions, texture, and opacity changes throughout these mini glass bubbler. You will pack your flower in the bowl, which is inserted into the down stem. This is a premium soft glass water pipe is an example of some of the most original designs in the industry. Wholesale Bongs Under $25 for your smoke shop. Due to legal liability, Destination Smoke does not accept returns on items that have been used. This Slightly Stoopid mini beaker bong is the perfect handheld glass bubbler pipe for any stupid adventure.

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