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Top 10 Portugal Ericeira is considered to be the mecca of Europe, due to its exceptional coastline. Weekend in Portugal Winter, from December to February, is mild: the average temperature in January is 11.5 °C (52.5 °F). But this is pretty reasonably and it is only of temporary showers. The weather in Lisbon in December and January is still pleasant, compared to many European destinations further north. Despite the cooler temperatures and increased likelihood of rain, I think travelling in Portugal in winter is much better than in summer. Use these quick links to make your dream trip a reality: If you're interested in visiting or moving to Portugal, why not get my free insider tips and resources by email? What Happens At Christmas And New Year In Portugal? With 3.7in over 9 days, rain may occur for your trip. On the days which there is good weather visit the popular day trips, most of which involve walking and time outdoors. The most charming town of the eastern Algarve, The religious centre of Portugal and likeable city, Extravagant palaces, opulent villas, and stunning scenery, Delightful beach town, which is a favourite with the Portuguese, The classic Portuguese walled town, owned by the Queen of Portugal, Authentic Portugal on the undiscovered Alentejo coastline, Experience true Portugal in this busy fishing port, A charming town, famed for the world’s highest surfing waves, The charismatic and undiscovered north of Portugal, The finest resort town of the Lisbon coastline, The ancient stronghold of the Knights Templar, The capital of the Alentejo region is steeped in history, The largest and liveliest resort town of the Algarve, The birthplace of Portugal and pretty city, A complete list of all of our guides to Portugal, Where to go in Portugal? Nature wakes up in late February. The winter is a wonderful season for a touring holiday of the Alentejo and the interior of Portugal. Algarve, Portugal: Annual Weather Averages. See my tips for which Portuguese food to try. However mild the daytime temperatures are, it will be chilly at night so you will need a jacket, full shoes or boots and warm clothes. Tavira More inland summers are hotter but the winter temperature drops. Sometimes bad weather can be a blessing in disguise. Portugal in the winter is best described as mild but unpredictable. Faro Summer in Portugal is generally dry. Almost done! Lower prices also apply to a series of other services, including car rental and train tickets (not the urban and suburban ones, though). 01 of 05. The Algarve will always offer the best weather of Portugal, and tends to be 3-5C warmer than Porto during December. The Mediterranean climate of Portugal keeps the temperatures relatively pleasant throughout most of November, though northern parts of Portugal may experience colder, wetter weather this month. There are also periods of good weather, since the Azores Anticyclone can move over Portugal also in winter. Portugal in January Mafra Portugal mandates wearing masks in crowded places. If you’re at relatively high altitude, you might experience some snow during the winter in Portugal, especially in the mountains. Spring in Portugal begins early. Even in the cooler months (January and February) if the sun’s out on a clear blue sky day, you can expect daytime winter temperatures in Portugal to range anywhere from 15ºC to 20ºC with the Alentejo and Algarve being the warmest regions. Find out here. If you have small children or grandchildren, as well as museums with activities specifically created for them, you might also want to give libraries a try. Although the warm days of summer are long gone there are still some fairs and festivals going on throughout Portugal. My husband and I usually go to Braga for a few days in the fall or in the spring, but it’s nice to know that parts of Portugal have mild temperatures during the winter. Loule Annual Weather Averages Near Albufeira. Rarely does the temperature fall below freezing, the exception is the Serra da Estrela, where the exposed mountains … If you're interested in visiting or moving to Portugal, why not get my free insider tips and resources by email? Guarda, at 1019 metres (3343 feet), is Portugal… Weather in Portugal: Seasons, Climate and Temperatures by Month Temperatures in Portugal. In autumn and winter, the … Silves See my resource page for helpful sites for getting good deals on travel. Tavira, Portugal July is the hottest month in Albufeira with an average temperature of 23°C (73°F) and the coldest is January at 12°C (54°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 12 in July. I thought we would take the most famous winter poem of Shakespeare, “When Icicles Hang by the Wall”, and set it beside a couple of winter poems written centuries later. Booking in advance can also mean an extra discount, so it’s well worth planning your travel a few months ahead. The winter warmth of the Algarve is a favourite with retirees and long stay visitors, who make up the majority of the tourists. Lisbon day trips: Sintra, Cascais, Obidos and Setubal Vila Milfontes, Algarve Introduction Typical Portuguese villages are one such case with the cold weather giving them that extra cosy feeling. Read this post to find out what to expect from visiting the Algarve at different times of the year. Sesimbra Guide That means the kids are entertained while you grab a snack – sounds like a winning combination! This bizarre and colourful centuries-old tradition mixes rites of passage with Christian ceremonies. Portugal's Airports, Central Portugal Introduction Without further ado, here are some of the many reasons to plan a trip to Portugal in winter. Autumn in Portugal. Well, winter has its gastronomic charms, too. Annual Weather Averages Near Algarve. The bigger cities have lots of museums to explore and it’s worth doing a little research on museum websites or city cultural agenda listings to find out when they have free entries and special activities, like workshops. Portugal and Spain Tour packages are cost effective, pre-planned itineraries tailored to visitors wishing to see the best Portugal has to offer. My years in Portugal taught me a lot about the weather there in winter. In spring, the temperatures are gradually warming up again, you begin to get more sunshine and some more rain. Please see my full disclosure policy for further information. During the winter, it is advisable to be based in the larger resort towns, which have either a permanent Portuguese population or expat community. The best month to swim in the sea is in August when the average sea temperature is 21°C (70°F). Note: Wherever you go to watch waves, please be cautious and don’t forget to use your common sense, as some situations can actually be very dangerous. Head over during the winter and you’re even more likely to enjoy semi-secluded beaches. Streets will be filled with decorations, there are Christmas markets and there is a wonderful atmosphere around the cities. In general, the north of Portugal tends to be a bit colder and wetter than the south so if you’re in need of winter sun, you might find the Algarve works best for you. Peniche Climate data and weather averages in Albufeira. Nazaré is world famous for so-called “monster waves” but in the right weather conditions many spots along the coast will provide breathtaking waves. High Season (Jul–Aug) Accommodation prices increase 30%. Great travel deals for Portugal and beyond, Exclusive Portugal Itineraries By Julie Dawn Fox, 2-Week Portugal Discovery Tour By Julie Dawn Fox, 4 Days In The Algarve Itinerary (from Lisbon), 3-Days Taste Of The Alentejo Itinerary (From Lisbon), 3-Day Taste Of The Minho Tour (From Porto), 3-Day Historical Villages Of Portugal Itinerary (From Coimbra), take a look at my collection of fully managed Portugal itineraries. Some of these village, such as Monsaraz, Penela and Piodão turn into outdoor nativity scenes at Christmas. Portimao In the Algarve summers are particularly dry and sunny with 12 hours of sunshine each day and an average maximum temperature of 28 degrees Celsius (82° Fahrenheit) and minimum of 20 degrees Celsius (68° Fahrenheit). Expect lush interiors, candelabras and a bit of drama. Albufeira is the largest resort and is a good choice for a winter or Christmas holiday destination, while Lagos offers a mix of history and culture. It is located on the central coast of Portugal, the temperature in Portugal in December being highly Mediterranean surfing here can be a very good time pass. Daytime temperatures are generally mild, around 15/16 °C (59/61 °F). Lisbon winter weather. Coimbra Get the Portugal weather forecast. Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Funchal and Faro all make great winter bases. Suggest packing a light sweater and windbreaker.Average temperatures – Low 23⁰ C (73⁰ F) Low temperature: 18⁰ C (64⁰ F) High temperature: 27⁰ C (80⁰ F) Sunshine hours – 9 Rainfall days – 6 55% chance of sunny days and 5% chance of cloudy days with 24% chance of rain Ocean temperature 20⁰ C (68⁰ F) Chance of windy days – 21% If you can't see the email in your main inbox, check your 'spam' folder or 'promotions folder if you use Gmail, just in case your email filters have been working overtime. Please check your email and click the link to confirm your subscription and get access to my insider tips for Portugal. Lagos My best advice, if you’re travelling to Portugal in the colder months of the year, is to build in some flexibility into your itinerary so that you can work around any winter weather that may impact outdoor activities. Hi JayJay, there are so many possible day trips from Lisbon that I think this is a great idea – see this article for suggestions:, If you want to explore even further afield, you might want to have another base, e.g. Averages are for Faro / Aeroporto, which is 16 miles from Algarve. If you fancy something in between, New Year's Eve in Lisbon is lively and friendly. Portugal in winter – why you should definitely go. To be honest, summer is my least favourite time of year for Portugal travel as it’s too hot and crowded for my liking. Portugal in March A good option would be to stay in a city and explore the smaller towns and villages in the area, usually no more than a 1 or 2 hour drive away. Look no further than Portugal. Just one more essential step to go. The weather is also a bonus, and average temperatures range between a high of 55°F (13°C) and a low of 46°F (8°C), beautiful enough for a long, albeit covered up, walk along the water’s edge. Consult my accommodation guides to help you choose the best base for your stay. In terms of temperature, it is a country of contrasts at this time of year – the beaches remain open in the southern Algarve region, while skiing is available in Serra de Estrela in the east. It is dry for 214 days a year with an average humidity of 75% and an UV-index of 4. Sagres Even in the north of Portugal where I live, in this last weeks most of days have been glorious sunny days. See this article about travelling with kids in Portugal. Berlengas Islands What Is The Coastal Portuguese Camino De Santiago Like? Get a quote for travel insurance with World Nomads, Shop for my favourite travel essentials via my Amazon Storefront. Suggested areas for touring holiday – Algarve, Alentejo or Lisbon to Porto July is the hottest month in Algarve with an average temperature of 23.5°C (74°F) and the coldest is January at 12°C (54°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 12 in August. there are still fun things to do in larger towns and cities. Lisbon and Porto hotels in particular are quite expensive between May and October but barring special events, such as the Christmas and New Year period and Valentine’s Day, winter prices are much more accessible. The annual average temperature in mainland Portugal varies from 8°C to 12°C (46°F to 54°F) … Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Leiria, for example, all have historic cafés, some of which have been in business for over a century. For example, you could use Évora or Coimbra as a base for visiting nearby villages, and perhaps Guarda for some of the historical villages further north. There is no ‘real’ winter in Faro, but rather a long and pleasant spring and around 11 hours of sunshine each day. Rarely does the temperature fall below freezing, the exception is the Serra da Estrela, where the exposed mountains are covered by snow and skiing is popular. Of course, a warming glass of port wine goes very well with these. Portugal for Families Tomar, Cascais These newsletters also include blog updates and information about relevant products, services and special offers. A holiday during the winter could have glorious bright sun but equally it could be wet and grey for the entire time. While it wasn’t sunbathing weather, we spent Christmas Day on the beach, as did many other expats and visitors. Thank you, Julie! A holiday during the winter could have glorious bright sun but equally it could be wet and grey for the entire time. interiors and bracing breezes. See my accommodation guides to Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra as well as Madeira and the Algarve. Evora Guide The average day max and night low temperature of the Algarve. Vila Real, Portugal for a Winter Holiday © 2020 - Privacy Policy, Discover more of Portugal with our guides, Magnificent monastery and site of Portugal’s most important battle, Glorious beaches loved by foreign tourists. Portugal tour packages optimize the cost of multiple services such as transfers, transportation, hotels, entry to events and in some cases include meals. It's a quaint and charming town offering an escape from the hustle and bustle, and has warm weather in winter unlike most of Europe. For something completely different consider heading to the far north of Portugal to experience the Festa dos Rapazes in Trás-os-Montes, around Christmas time. I love travelling in Portugal in low season because it means I waste less time in queues, get less stressed and it’s easier to nab a spur-of-the-moment table in restaurants and cafés so there’s less need to plan ahead. Some things are interesting year-round but seem to have a special kind of allure at certain times of the year. As the winter is the low season, the main tourist sights will be free of the summer time crowds and provide a more relaxed sightseeing experience. Which are the best 10 towns and cities in Portugal? Expect big crowds in the Algarve and coastal resort areas. Portugal in the Winter Porto or Faro. Get a Dose of Winter Sunshine . High elevations account for the cooler temperatures in some parts of Portugal. The country can be divided into five climatic areas—meaning in Portugal yo… For a winter relaxing holiday, it is best to be based within the Algarve coastline, as this region offers the better weather. Lisbon in winter is particularly pleasant for all these reasons and because the weather is generally mild, with temperatures rarely dipping below 10ºC in the daytime or 5ºC at night. Unlike much of the rest of Europe, most of Portugal doesn’t suffer from grey skies or freezing temperatures in the middle of winter. Content copyright © Julie Dawn Fox, 2010-2020 | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer & Disclosure | Advertising & Media | Terms & Conditions | Contact, Handy travel resources for your trip to Portugal. Albufeira However, the Portuguese resorts are much wetter, with only about 14 dry days on average. Portugal may not be able to offer glorious beach weather, but it excels as a holiday destination, with historic towns, stunning scenery and vibrant nightlife. So, here are five things I learned that you will find useful to know if you’re considering a move to the country. Layers, as always, are the key to adapting your attire to cope with warm (and cold!) The winter is more bearable in the UK than in Algarve?! Winter relaxing holiday – Albufeira, Lagos, Vilamoura, Praia da Rocha I'd like to receive the free email course. Portugal Weather in November . Lower prices, tasty comfort food, winter festivals and the promise of warm, sunny days are just a few of the perks of travelling at this time of year. Lisbon to Porto Tour Central Portugal. Backpacking in Portugal Averages are for Faro / Aeroporto, which is 17 miles from Albufeira. Portugal in November, Portugal on a Budget Lisbon is the sunniest capital city in Europe, and that includes throughout the winter. Weather in the Azores Islands, Portugal. In March the Riviera and the... Summer in Portugal. Porto day trips: Guimaraes, Braga, Douro Valley. All over the country, there’ll be Christmassy fairs big and small with attractions, ice rinks and many opportunities to taste and buy traditional local products. Whether you’re a surfer or just like watching (or photographing) ginormous waves, winter is definitely the best time to see them in Portugal. Influenced by their latitude, the Azores also enjoy a mild climate all year long. Get the monthly weather forecast for Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. Average Weather in Nazaré Portugal. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Travelling to Portugal in winter means you can stock up on vitamin D! On average 5-6 hours of sunshine can be expected per day. In the north of the country, for example, you’ll find festivals dedicated to smoked meats and pork products, in the south you have a festival focusing on music from the Middle East, Maghreb and the Eastern Mediterranean. Albufeira, Portugal: Annual Weather Averages. average daytime maxima of about 16°C (61°F). Lisbon and Porto are great destinations for the lead up to Christmas, by fully embracing the festive spirit. The larger resorts towns include Albufeira, Lagos, Vilamoura and Praia da Rocha. Conclusion: There is always the chance of poor weather of Portugal, but it will always be significantly much better than back at home. Skiing - Serra da Estrela, Lisbon and Porto are the best destinations for a winter city break. There are benefits to visiting Portugal in this low season; there will no queuing for popular tourist attractions, exceptional deals can be found and the weather will be much better than back at home. If the weather’s rainy, cold and stormy (yes, we have those days in Portugal, too!) Alvor Algarve, Portugal - Monthly weather averages including average high and low Temperature, Precipitation, Pressure, Wind Charts to assist you in planning your travel, holiday or an outdoor activity at Algarve, Portugal In Portugal, people should wear a mask in places where it is not possible to keep their distance, the parliament has decided.In any case, the measure applies for 70 days and all residents aged 10 and older must comply. The westerly winds prevail, bringing quite frequent rains, sometimes abundant, and windy conditions. In the big cities and coastal resorts, the day time maximum is 10-15C and at night drops to a chilly 3-5C. Suggested itineraries for a week holiday and tour of Portugal, The vibrant and dynamic capital of Portugal, Historic districts and port wine tasting in Portugal’s second city. This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Portugal's Best Beaches The light that reflects off the river and the paved streets and pastel-coloured buildings makes it an uplifting rather than depressing place to be at what can be quite a grim time of year in colder climes or greyer cities. Obidos Vila Natal (Christmas Town) is an extreme example. Quarteira Vilamoura The best month to swim in the sea is in August when the average sea temperature is 21°C (70°F). - Top 10 Portugal – Portugal's best beach – 1 week suggestions – A weekend in Portugal. Besides getting great value for money with your lodging, some tour operators offer discounts for tours booked during low season, usually before the end of March so look out for special offers. Climate in Portugal in december Climate in Lisbon in december. It enjoys a warm temperate climate with wet winters, dry summers, and the highest temperatures averaging above 71 F. As compact as Portugal is, about 349 miles north to south and only 135 miles east to west, there are distinct differences when it comes to climate within its borders. These. If you’ve been to Portugal in the summer there’s a good chance you’ve experienced the ultimate warm weather combo of freshly grilled seafood with a glass of ice-cold vinho verde wine or rosé. When to go and weather. This was a great post. Algarve rain; there will be some rain, on an average of 10-12 days, but not much though! If you feel like exploring the multitude of coffee drinks and Portuguese cakes then, again, bad weather can be a good thing. See this post for insider tips for visiting the Algarve. Praia da Luz So glad to receive this as we are planning to be in Portugal for 4 weeks in March. Winter Walking in the Algarve. We are looking forward to seeing Portugal and perhaps the best way is to stay in Lisbon so we can use public transportation to visit north and south and stay At Airbnb’s. Costa da Caparica City breaks – Lisbon, Porto Sweltering temperatures are commonplace. Of course, this varies from one region to another but, generally speaking, dry winter days can be fairly warm. David Santiago Garcia/Getty Images. Weather and Climate Spring in Portugal. Looking for an ideal climate for retirement? Winter temperatures rarely drop below 16ºC at sea level and summer months are warm and humid, averaging 25ºC. The climate is quite cool around this city in this month, but it is liveable when dressing warm. You’ll find them all over the country but, as a rule, the most unique are the historical villages in the east of Portugal, the schist villages in Central Portugal and the white houses of Alentejo. Please try again. The summers are hot and dry, and the temperature is mild in the winter. The Boca do Inferno (Hell’s Mouth) in Cascais is impressive to watch, as are the waves that break over the lighthouse at Foz, near Porto. The average annual temperature for North Portugal is 19° degrees and there is about 703 mm of rain in a year. The summer scorched lands are filled with lush greens and flowers, and the winter will be free of tour coaches and Spanish day trippers. Our advice: be flexible with city breaks to Lisbon and Porto have ideas and itineraries for both sunny days and wet days. In winter you can even find snow inland in Portugal. Does it snow in Portugal in the winter? 1. Those who do not comply risk a fine of between 100 and 500 euros. The wettest month is December with an average of 117.2mm of rain. Portugal in the winter is best described as mild but unpredictable. Day and night can feel like two different seasons. Here are my three suggestions for making the post of Portugal this winter. The Algarve for Teenagers In december, the mean temperature in Lisbon is 58°F (maximum temperature is 63°F and minimum temperature is 54°F). Porto, the Douro Valley and the north can be very wet; in this region, it is advisable to have flexible plans and not plan long periods outdoors. Faro is the southernmost city in Portugal and the perfect getaway spot for someone seeking quiet R&R time. Famous Portuguese cold weather comfort foods include hearty cozido à portuguesa (not my cup of tea but much-loved among the Portuguese), feijoada (a kind of bean stew) and caldo verde (literally, green broth, made with shredded kale) and chanfana, a goat and red wine casserole from my part of Central Portugal. Winter weather means fewer tourists and, given how irritated and stressed I feel among hoards of people, this is ideal for me. A warm hat is sometimes useful, as is a scarf but gloves are not always needed – check the forecast before you pack. Monte Gordo Elvas The Algarve for Christmas Learn how your comment data is processed. The winter months are the low tourist season for Portugal, but with some careful planning, and a bit of weather luck, a really enjoyable holiday can be had. Down in the southern region of Portugal in the Algarve, is Faro, one of the hottest cities in Portugal and even Europe. The evenings chill down to 5-10C, so a jumper or jacket is needed for the evenings, and the accommodation heating will be switched on. Lisbon Guide Taking Julie’s advice we spent the month of March in Cascais, and it was perfect! Rainfall can occur throughout the year, falling with more intensity during the winter … In the big cities and coastal resorts, the day time maximum is 10-15C and at night drops to a chilly 3-5C. Sintra Portugal, AlentejoIntroduction The wettest month is December with an average of 99mm of rain. Thanks to lower demand in the winter months it’s easier and cheaper to find good accommodation. Many of them have a sort of “kid’s corner” and a small cafeteria too. Estoril Portugal Portugal sea surface temperature in winter In January sea water temperature throughout Portugal is not yet warm enough for swimming and does not exceed 20°C/68°F. Climate data and weather averages in Algarve. Many visitors come to Portugal to escape the cold and gloom of the Northern Europe winter, and the larger Algarve resort towns fill up with retirees and longer stay visitors. This article will provide an introduction for visiting Portugal in the winter and will provide details of the weather, suggested destinations and holiday advice. Obidos No offence, but that sounds a bit insane. It will be cold at night though. The Algarve is also popular in winter and again, it’s much easier to explore by car and find parking spots when there are fewer people around. The maximum day time temperature is 16-18C, which is just warm enough for t-shirts but certainly not for sun bathing on the beach. It will be cold at night though.

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