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"The musical score of Snake Eater was composed by Norihiko Hibino and Harry Gregson-Williams,[45][46] who provided material for both cut scenes and the game itself. Online, it is widely celebrated and referenced in parodies. I'd give my life Not for honour, but for you! Here I'll quote some lines of the lyrics and write a brief explanation of what it's suposed to mean (in my interpretation). For example, on September 24th, 2012, YouTuber Azure Crimson posted a Dark Souls parody where the Snake Eater theme plays as the player climbs a ladder (shown below, left). Snake-eater definition is - markhor. Even when she's on his side, she's not doing it out of love. [Snake Eater] I'm still in a dream, Snake Eater! On March 13th, 2017, YouTuber Popato played the song over a similar ladder segment from Breath of the Wild, gaining over 44,000 views (shown below, right). I think it may have something to do with The Boss's image on how the world should be left alone, everything she did wasn't for honor it was for everyone, so that one day people wouldn't seek to control the world. This song has a really deep meaning, and totally obscure until you beat the game and be aware of what's really going on. sort form. A little ala "James Bond" but I guess it's quite appropriate contextually. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. james bond 007 surely fantastic. It's very good indirect storytelling on the part of Kojima. ; Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, a 2004 video game by Konami. Snake Eater! The scene would later be parodied in memes referencing the song. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm still in a dream, Snake Eater! What a thrill With darkness and silence through the night What a thrill I’m searching and I’ll melt into you What a fear in my heart But you’re so supreme! I give my life not for honor, but for you. Then, she managed to track Ms Harrell down, using her photo from the cover of the single of "I Am The Wind" from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. (Or at least I don't know about it). Someday you go through the rain Someday you feed on a tree frog This ordeal, the trial to survive For the day we see new light! ", [1] Metal Geat Solid Wiki – Snake Eater, [4] Kotaku – MGS3's "Snake Eater" Is Good Enough To Be A Bond Theme. That's are some pretty dramatic sentiments. 2020-11-10T16:35:31Z Comment by william cashmore. The music and lyrics were written by Konami mainstay Norihiko Hibino and the vocals were provided by Cynthia Harrell.The style of the song is distinctly similar to that of an opening song found in a vast number of James Bond films, featuring extensive use of horns in the full mix. (Snake Eater) I'm still in a dream, Snake Eater I'm still in a dream, Snake Eater (Snake Eater) Edit Lyrics. In the years since the game's release, the song has become highly regarded and been widely parodied on social media. Digital Archaeologist & Curator & Media Chauffeur. I think it's gone now, but I saved some parts. Kojima: In an off guarded moment, Ocelet accidentally spoke his real mind. I give my life Not for honor, but for you (snake eater) In my time there’ll be no one else Crime, it’s the way I […] You are now the highest rank. I mean, this is a guy who decided to eat the contents of Snake's backpack because he wanted to eat the same things he did. He spends the whole game running around trying to fight him and … They sound pretty impressed by this person. [2] On August 24th, Tumblr user Captainkupo[3] posted a Distracted Boyfriend parody with the lyrics, gaining over 7,700 notes (shown below, right). Recommended by The Wall Street Journal Viper: In order to become a Viper, you must train a Viper and split the tongue of your trainee. Most people in MGS3 are motivated by politics. However, that strikes me as somewhat unlikely. 2020-11-21T08:02:51Z Comment by Hachi. Most of our gear is made in house. "Crime, it's the way I fly to you". The track has been described as dramatic, campy and reminiscent of a James Bond theme. In particular, the song is a popular reference for when a video game character climbs a large ladder, as it … She betrayed him. Yes, my theory is that the Snake Eater song is all about Ocelot trying to get senpai to notice him. Obviously, it's a translation from Japanese, but I think it sort of relates to the "I'm still in a dream" line. Yes, my theory is that the Snake Eater song is all about Ocelot trying to get senpai to notice him. Lyrics submitted by IfYouSaySo. Here are the lyrics...deleted a repeated section. I remember taking my time on that part. [Snake Eater] In my time there'll be no one else Crime, it's the way I fly to you! The lyrics also mention things that the main character of the game did go through, so it is a very interesting song overall. Someone they'd give their life for? 🗳️ Cast Your Vote For The Meme Of 2020! If by Big Boss you mean the Boss, and by Snake you mean Big Boss AKA Naked Snake, then not really.

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