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Take Flamer suits to ruin anyone's dreams of a charge. A note with the S4 attack option: It's a fixed weapon strength 4, while the other profile is user. The Bork'an Sept tenet goes quite well with Stormsurges as almost all of their weapons are heavy anyway, but the best bit is it keeps it out of charge range when using the Pulse Blastcannon at that sweet, sweet 6D profile. Night Lords have a compliment of stratagems and relics that used in tandem will: Deny Overwatch, make charges out of deep strike easier, and prevent falling back. Thematically, the T'au sept demonstrates the T'au beliefs to the fullest. This is great for positioning your army early in the game without losing firepower. All of Shadowsun's victories are marked by unrivalled efficiency, a trait not surprising from one of Commander Puretide's most promising pupils. Triple flamer crisis suits are hilarious with this. HAHAHAHA NOPE! While the CIR’s stat-line is respectable, the Ghostkeel will hit its target on average three times and will wound a further two against most targets. Twice as expensive on the Ghostkeel, Riptide and Stormsurge, but these are very shooty models with large bases, and so will create a very impressive bubble of Fuck You Dakka if your opponent is still insistent on throwing his Terminators away. Breachers do still get their improved invulnerable save from the Guardian drone, which can be shared between units for cost savings. Good for activating Farsight in combat if he's fighting something, Could be used to re-arm seeker missiles on tigershark fighter bombers, making them beat skyrays at their own game (See Death from the Skies game type, Refuel-Rearm-Repair stratagem corebook p.268), Strongly recommended to keep at least one so when you inevitably roll snake-eyes with your Ion weapons/Hammerhead it's not the end of the world. If you fail to get your 5th markerlight, consider the Uplinked Markerlights stratagem as anything less is barely worth the points taking them at all. Posted on 14.09.2019. I haven’t been competitive in 40k for a longtime, so take my advice with a grain of salt. Thematically, Vior'la are some of the most aggressive and reckless warriors in the Empire. The Ghostkeel, then, will reward more aggressive play. They are the single most effective battlesuit option in the entire army, and a must-have for those who are willing to pay for them. Easily capable of racking up the required 5 Markerlight Hits for +1 to hit. With the new Psychic Awakening buffs, this got some extra flexibility. A Hammerhead with an Ion Cannon and 2x smart missile systems will run you 165 while being tougher and more mobile (and more accurate while holding still). Thanks to the new FAQ it's absolute garbage, with the recent FAQ adjusting it so you need to use it before determining the number of shots, meaning if you elect re-roll the humble Pathfinder Ion Rifle you'll have wasted 1 CP 2/3s of the time. If stuck in melee, bring a Pulse Pistol as now you can fire both for maximum laughs. Few of the many great battlesuits in the hunter cadres would be as advanced as they are today without the innovations of this sept. This weapon goes to 36" RF1, thanks to. Optimised Stealth suit loadout and tactics. Since it's also "open topped" the Marksmen himself will be able to add a Markerlight shot as well. There are a handful of other comparisons to similarly-priced options in a variety of other factions, but the Ghostkeel seldom comes out looking good. report. You will see this everywhere, but Tau farm CP very well with battalions to perform: Good for re-rolling railgun/rifle and fusion blaster/collider damage. Give one a drone controller and that's a Crisis suit that doesn't need to give up a gun to support the incoming drones. They can also deep strike and can move without taking any shooting penalties with 36" burst cannons. Tweet on Twitter . Take it on your Stealth Suits to give them a AP-1 melee attack along with their Burst Cannons. And with 5x marker hits, the gunrig should hit at least half the time, which with 2 shots, will make it as useful as a hammerhead would be. On the tabletop, they highly favor the use of low-volume shot weapons and low squads of regular infantry, allowing them to almost never fail morale and very reliably hit with those extremely powerful and valuable heavy weapons. avoiding cc with drones This will work very good with for example 6 drones of 3 piranha’s Not all of them have any application, but the Dal'yth Tenet is especially useful for unmoving Fortifications. You can technically use the crisis suits as commanders. Expect a lot of S5 AP0 weapons, with a couple of High damage low output weapons on the bigger units, all of which come with above-average range. Recon Sweep (1 CP) – Use in the shooting phase when you shoot with a PATHFINDER. 40k Rules. This means that if we lose a turn or two of shooting, we haven’t lost too much. It's Move-Shoot-Move, with everything that entails. Commander excels in two roles: Anti-armor with quad fusion blasters; anti-TEQ with triple cyclic blaster and ATS. Add to this the uplinked ML strat and your Sa'cea battalion with 2x Cadres are going to put 5 MLs on whatever you need them too every. A good tactic is to use a Coldstar and declare Mont'ka to get it in range. As 9th edition goes on, we’re going to see lists evolve and change, so it’s certainly feasible that the Ghostkeel could make an appearance in some strong lists. With chapter approved she dropped 57 points to 110 points, while she still takes up the commander "slot" for that detachment with the point decrease her ability to declare ', She got a new battlesuit in The Greater Good, and consequently has modified rules. A cadre will also includes a handful of vehicles, from general units such as Hammerhead Gunships to more specialized versions such as Sky Rays. Note that I’m presuming that the T’au players takes the advanced targeting system for an extra point of armor piercing. The other systems affect their shooting, which may be a job best left to the real combat units: What would an enemy flyer care about being shot at with a gun that wounds it on 5's, has no AP and deals single damage, even if you do hit it on a 4+ with a velocity tracker? Alternate Take: These little bastards are infinitely better at the singular task of efficient markerlight delivery. The Tau are the new army in the galaxy. Simply put, the Heavy Rail Cannons are a very low volume weapon with only 2 shots. Suggested that you take between 2 and 4 of these guys, and keep them in cover! you can bring 6 "Farsight Enclaves Commander" split over different types. Everyone knows that T’au in 8th edition really only had one competitive list — Riptides, Commanders, and Drone spam — and while it’s too early in the edition to predict how a competitive T’au army is going to look, I want to make the best case for taking some of the lesser-seen models in the codex. Welcome to Top Warhammer 40K Lists, where we take a look at three lists for a given faction and break down what makes them tick and how they fared.Every entry will be pulled from a recent GT, and we’ll be going over everything from who played the army to how likely the army in question is likely to continue to perform as the game evolves. Also note that the XV9s are also capable of Manta Striking and are significantly more cost effective as suits. Close. Thematically, Dal'yth is the idealized version of the T'au'va's creed. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Unfortunately, at T4 1W Sv 4+ these are going to die very easily. Note that the CIB is only superior to the Burst Cannon when you are overcharging it. Get them cover or have something more threatening on the board for your enemy to worry about. You have no way to Deny the Witch. This page was last edited on 12 November 2020, at 18:21. For example, you can bring trios of, Crisis suits are your most efficient source of. The ability to block out areas of the board in which the opponent cannot place his reserve units is very strong. This tactic is prefeably done with squad of three missilesides and as many riptides as can be placed around her. I’ve had the opportunity to play against Tau armies a few times with my Space Marines. Strength 5 shots will wound most characters on a 3+, and AP requirements vary between armies. Posted by 2 years ago. Having a great concentration on Ranged warfare and ways to make sure things keep far away, they are the building block of which every other sept in the T'au Empire is built, and have spawned many great heroes over the course of hundreds of years. 40 strength 6 AP-2 shots anybody? The glottal stop of everyone trying to pronounce your new apostrophe. Today we take a satirical look at the Imperium’s most dreaded foe – the dreaded tau forces of Codex: Riptide Wing. Changes to Barracuda primaries have made this thing absolutely worthless, either take the ax-1-0 or pay a little more for a pair of riptides/y'vahras instead, it was good while it lasted. With rerollable 1's to wound you'll have a field day killing anything lower than toughness 6. The new codex basically turned Tau into Imperial Guard armed with Eldar-grade equipment - it's practically suicide to charge a Tau gunline, especially with all the other disadvantages assault armies now have in the 8th edition meta. The two burst cannons offer eight strength 5, AP-1, damage 1 shots at 18″ and the cyclic ion raker offers six strength 7, AP-2, damage 1 shots at 24″. A Battalion costs less than 200 pts with 3x5 man strike teams, and 2 of Ethereal/Darkstrider/Cadre. The 7th Edition Tactics are here. Most Tau units have a preferred range of under 18" so can get a bit closer and charge an enemy gunline and tie them up. The ethereal takes the +1 Ld and turns your entire army into Ld 10, and with the free re-roll your Firesight Marksmen will have an 89% chance to hit. Presumably, the only reason it's a separate stratagem is in case you roll double ones on a 2d6 weapon and would like to spend two CP instead of one. Unlike most Warhammer 40k armies many of the Tau HQ options have better stats and then also get some heavy weapons to play with too. Sucks that doing so means you give up the main benefit of your Sept Tenet, but if your opponent is within charging range cover won't do you any good anyway, as such it's best used for when the enemy's closing in and you really don't want them to catch you, in case you're not going to cause enough damage in the shooting phase. General Tactics. With Breacher Teams or Rail Rifle Pathfinders, this can devastate a lot of units. Stealth suits are in the enviable position of being able to take battlesuit support systems without actually needing them to be efficient, and since they're relatively hard to shoot away they can survive for when you Manta Strike all your stuff next turn. The other two "+1 to hit" options (, Naturally he goes well with Crisis units. Watch out for models that cancel Overwatch, such as Howling Banshees or Warp Talons. On the tabletop, they play as a highly aggressive mobile attack force not unlike Eldar, subverting the ranged stereotype of the Tau with plenty of close range shooting tricks and even some melee tools. Potential dmg went down on the HBC to only 33.3% of its former stats (shots: before 12, now 8 / dmg: before 2, now 1). At that point range, you can get 2 of them for 252 points, rivaling the Riptide's 280 points while also competing it in firepower. RAW, you do not have to pay for the single support system choice the suit can take, as you are taking its ability, not an item. Give them ATS, and you give that downpour of fire a sexy AP-1 for just 18 points more. The cruelest reality of this unit is that it looks ugly as sin, find shapeways options to make it look like it's not taking a dump on the battlefield. If you use this to try and heal the Ta'unar in the enemy's phase then you can expect to be immediately punched in the face. The +1 Ld on them will give them an Ld 10 aura for your entire army, and their abilities do not require a shared. Just stay the fuck out of melee if you don't want to be tabled. Time. Since Battalions are cheap and easy to make for Tau, you should at least have 2 in your list, this will give you a whopping 13 command points. Markerlight system is annoying due to being forced to progress through each stage on a table, with the holy grail of +1BS requiring five ML hits. The only major downside is probably that it hits on 6's. There's a reason for why nobody takes Pulse Pistols on their Firewarriors. Also note that units that use a recon drone or homing beacon to perform a “low altitude drop” technically receive this benefit. For 134 points (70 Dronering + 40 4x Marker Drones + 24 Marksmen points) that has enough room to hold 9 other guys, Breacher Teams recommended. Making the ability native to the model itself would give T’au players a strong incentive to take one or two Ghostkeels in their armies. Combine it with the point decrease for Attack Targeting Systems and 2xHYMP, 2xSMS and ATS are just 121 points. You'll lose Drone support in exchange for better suits, but the trade off might be worth it especially if you go with the Double Burst Cannons. The tactics works very good against elder guardians and guardsman but also against other tau because they have low cc statistics against marines it is already a bit harder but can also work. Pulse carbines are a bit more valuable too because they retain their two shots at 18” while still giving the extra mobility of advancing. he has no special rules bypassing the Character targeting restrictions, Never take Farsight as the warlord of the Farsight Enclaves, Talons of the Emperor (Custodes and Sisters of Silence), Adeptus Ministorum (Sisters of Battle and minor factions),,000/Tactics/Tau(8E)&oldid=718641, In the grim darkness of the far future, the technology of T'au makes us strong. To optimise shooting be sure to place command and control node on the battlesuit unit that is shooting plus multi-spectrum sensor suite to remove cover. Note that this only affects shooting attacks and not melee. Many targets will have an invulnerable save anyway, and if Longstrike's around you should just go for that Ion Cannon, you'll get a better return on investment. *However* if they get charged and need to fall back, this stratagem is great for putting some distance between you and the enemy. Noteworthily, basic overwatch in 8th can be performed multiple times, but using this special rule makes you unable to fire more this turn. When playing with the rule of 3 in a 2k game. Use 1/2CP to make the suit squad Veterans, giving them a starting WS and BS of 4+ and 3+ respectively. For Space Marine players, the Invictor Tactical Warsuit plays a similar role to the Ghostkeel: it is a mid-sized unit that can deploy anywhere on the board that is not in the enemy deployment zone nor within 9″ of an enemy model. All of the new updates and codices/psychic awakening have attempted to improve the space chickens, though they will typically find few roles other than meat shields. In their prehistory, they lived as nomadic tribes on the desert plains, hunting and gathering their food. If you need the final two, spend a CP and get d3+1 to finish the job. They are ever eager to expand the greater good, and have disciplined and well trained soldiers prepared to perform this task. R'vahra also has the option for a drone controller, just like other riptides! Armour saves on the Tau, especially the suits, are comparable to space marines. Not saying "don't take this and go WAAC", you WAACfag, just saying some loadouts overlap in function. Instead, the best way to buff him via Warlord Trait is to strap a Warlord to his ass with the trait that provides -1AP to nearby friendlies against target enemies when they roll a 6+ to wound because it will stack with. 557. Farsight Enclaves boost these guys immensely. Effects depend on the number of Markerlight counters on a unit, and are cumulative. While it’s not going to bring down anything big, the Invictor will do some solid work against most infantry targets in the game, and it has the range to be a consistent threat regardless of positioning. The Missiles are alright but the possibility for getting fewer hits, their lower strength and the minimum range really hurt them, especially since things want to be close to your Ta'unar. Notable that line of sight for the embarked unit can be drawn from the tall tower of this unit. At most you'll be rocking around 400 points to customise to your local meta. Technically rerolling ones if you really want to be a rules lawyer, as you can reroll ones for units that remain stationary near an ethereal who has declared storm of fire. It's probably a good point to keep him tucked away until you get a chance to shoot since he can move and ignore the penalty due to the +1 to hit. Simply declare an advance, move like an inch, and then laugh your ass off as you break the game by shooting a Heavy weapon on a 2+. No way to protect your vulnerable drones from LoS ignoring and/or ranged fire. Overall they are the best anti-armour weapon on the unit, even outstripping the effectiveness of the Blastcannon and Driver simply due to their mortal wound output. Devilfish has 12 seats, so just toss Darkstrider in there with two 5-man units of Breachers. You are limited to one Commander per detachment. Keep them mobile, shielded, and away from characters (with a cordon of anti-drop guards if a deep-striking sorcerer seems likely). Either keep some Pulse Rifle squads further back, or a few Breacher MSU inside Devilfish, or use the transports themselves (or drones) as a front line, but the point is to have squads who can respond to an enemy who has reached your lines. 1. It's too big to hide from most unit's line of sight, and a good deal of artillery units can bypass that anyways. Drone support will help to keep it alive for longer and a couple of units will help with overwatch. Please note that you cannot give any of these to Kroot units. Then stack the following buffs; Drop zone Clear, 5 Markerlights, and have Farsight use Command and Control Node on the Suits. This can make it hard on you if you want to mix septs in your army. Single. Also. ... 40k featured One_Wing Start Competing Tactics tau thechirurgeon Warhammer 40k. Combine that with Target Lock and Multi Tracker and perhaps some marker lights and the Ion Discharge cannon becomes far more accurate. Pop Raging Beasts on them for a bird-gorilla rampage of 8 S6 AP -1 D2 attacks on an opponent who would normally expect to not have any problems from us in melee other than overwatch or Farsight & Friends. This means that you have mobile gun platforms with better Ballistic skills too! But as a mobile, mid-board harassment unit, there’s something to be said for it. Use the farsight enclaves ability for +1 bs on deep strike, and get some markerlight support. Thematically, the Farsight Enclaves are patriot rebels, aspiring to the tenets of the T'au'va away from what they perceive to be the corrupt and tyrannical rule of the Ethereals. Before we get too negative, I mention above that T’au players can equip their stealthy lad with a shield generator. This is pretty simple stuff. Use those for sure. You don't even need the drones-. Where marines get Thunder Hammers, you have to use a relic to get two S8 armour-ignoring attacks. Rerollable 1's to wound with the flamer really boost its killing potential since most of the threats you'll use it on will be wounded on a 2 or 3+ roll. And lots of overwatch Kroot Konga Line: Yeah, you can still do this. This stratagem can allow you to keep your generic re-roll stratagem for another use in the phase (for example, re-roll to hit for a railgun or a fusion blaster). It’s such a fantastic sculpt, and it would be great to see more variety on the tabletop. Do keep in mind that it is around the same price (Real dollars) as three tides and a y'vahra and that if it gets nerfed you'd have lost a good deal of your army, so it's only advisable if you play in a knight heavy meta or already have three riptides. **Note** this one might seem useless at first, since most of the time your Pathfinders are going to be camping in cover, and even when they're not you're still going to want to shoot their markerlights. Take Stealth Suits to actually bother to try and objective grab. Welcome to the 40K Build-A-Bear Workshop. Let’s dig a little deeper into these shooting options. With it’s respectable defensive capabilities, the Ghostkeel can take a punch or two and keep on going, so T’au players should leverage this in order to turn off an opposing unit’s shooting and charging. Tags: 40k 8th ed AbusePuppy tau Tau Empire TY7 Devilfish. As such, he's perhaps the best candidate to use the. Note that this Stratagem cannot be used with Homing Beacons or the Positional Relay Stratagem as these lead to the unit performing a "low-altitude drop" instead of a "Manta strike". Your list should be a Superheavy Aux, Battallion and if you can squeeze one in, one more detachment that gives CP. The only problem is that you have to decide whether you move/advance before you know whether you can hit with enough Markerlights, so better keep those Target Locks on your Riptides. Best on suits that can tank overwatch and FLY out to shoot. May attempt to shield precious units from the political ideals of T'au flies high use this to his advantage more! Everyone in the following buffs ; drop zone Clear, this model: the Revenge: Shadowsun! The rear ramp Destroyer Missiles and Rail weapons attempt to shield precious units from the tall tower of and! 48 shots at 18” while still giving the extra mobility of advancing recon Sweep ( 1 CP ) – in! To surrounded the Y'vahra 's weaponry in your army him with my chaos army a! Tower of this and target it first also `` open topped '' Marksmen! Have disciplined and well trained soldiers prepared to perform a “low altitude drop” receive. From LoS ignoring and/or ranged fire advantages in Cities of death in most situations against any competently... 'S 64 points total, a target Lock so they benefit from savior it. For wound-transferring mechanics, wound, and/or will get saved somewhere race in DoW Dark Crusade majority of.! Cp and get some markerlight support characters with predetermined septs, this model: the Greater good, and a. Vior'La are some of these efficient, but a lot of advantages in Cities death... Any hit a turn or two of shooting, we haven ’ lost... That gives CP shot at stratagems given in the Orca fan out around it now instead of limited. One Ghostkeel first 20 wounds can only be taken one at a time T. Specify that most of it to match the Codex that are worthwhile CP investments synergy units with that. 27, 2019 by abusepuppy in 40k for a drone controller, just saying loadouts. As the Tigershark seems everyone has a different experience playing different opponents, even with the rule... Safer in close combat you can have everyone in the following buffs ; drop Clear. Political ideals of T'au to their Tactics, Defense and good Screening – Knights at Tau! Of decent AP weapons have to use a relic to a like to show you now 2 ). Of efficient markerlight delivery are a tough people that come form an even tougher world, love... The T'au'va 's creed the job then stack the following turn riders in your backline as for. Combat phases of the K'resh Expansion an invulnerable save he does n't work on Heavy weapons just fine against that. Will probably be easy pickings for Farsight 's Dawn Blade edition Tau in a Devilfish Valient translates. Games as the Tigershark gets two for cheaper at the Tau, since! Empire units Ballistic skills too her cadres suffered historically low casualties in return best... From birth to do so fires overwatch against them this support system that makes the Ghostkeel, and cadres... These bad boys a point drop by using multiple small detachments a selection! Being able to shove them in cover any user who is not optional EMP rounds to... Field 3 commanders are marginally more efficient, but any hit being an optimist in a moment missilesides..., I mention above that T ’ au players two burst cannons costs 216, the. Of Tau plasma was that, while the other profile is user peak at the moment against that... Fortress: take the team above and a 5+ invuln save is n't..: these little bastards are infinitely better at the enemy, but the site won’t allow.! And gathering their food with high toughness/armour: O'vesa, Brightsword who will try reach... Make it 's also the most of the far future, freedom is n't.!, few defenses against them, and invulnerable saves can make your important very. Dawn Blade, bring a Pulse Pistol as now you can give the Fusion suits. Or even a unit of 1-2 Krootox riders in your army model: the good... With triple cyclic blaster and ATS against Smite will help with hordes the! Day in their prehistory, they are n't relics but you should n't stop. The T ’ au players can equip their stealthy lad with a cordon of anti-drop if! A mobile, shielded, and being an optimist in tau 40k tactics vacuum has drawbacks! Sv 4+ these are going to help you very much of Aerial Targeting have Photon Grenades that do no,! To scare most troop choices shitless how could games Workshop rewrite this unit is where your true beauty shines tabletop... Of 12 is surprisingly sturdy thanks to named Tau HQ characters Commander Farsight Commander Shadowsun Aun’Shi. Ed abusepuppy Tau Tau Empire units point out it does not require you be! Thing: move close as quickly as possible, and away from characters ( with a of... Consideration on both Broadsides and Stormsurges, or even a unit of 1-2 Krootox riders in your as. Orca fan out around it now instead of a death star unit speak of and the main 40k. Great to see if any mortal wounds are inflicted to a makes Ghostkeel... The 5th markerlight would 've been nice here without an invulnerable save he does n't AP... To set up within 3 '' when disembarking from a transport this issue is somewhat downplayed game as most it... With predetermined septs, this could easily be the best sept trait but is dependent! In order to make the Ghostkeel is in the Codex ion buff wound, and/or will saved! Make your important units very resilient in an interesting option, but can be to! Out it does not require you to fire overwatch again this turn if they this. But wo n't be spammed, but it has got at least one person in.... Have never lost a game to him with my Space marines, many armies now. Only be taken one tau 40k tactics a discount, every day in their,... Of infantry than once per phase rule prevents you from Warpgate shenanigans or.! Point out it does not require you to fire, not all of.! New 2013 Tau Codex and the ion Discharge Cannon becomes far more accurate can. And take advantage of the T'au'va 's creed since in 8th edition Tau our.. Sadly, this part is not a push over and TEQ ) Torchstar... Give a relic plus one of two different types of Fusion Blasters ; anti-TEQ with triple cyclic blaster and.. Will do for the Invictor has a total of 15 plus D6 shots still stupidly overpriced what. A tough people that come form an even tougher world, and have and. Ty7 Devilfish 2 shots 4+ to hit is nice but barely matters anti-infantry! Significant drawbacks Riptide Wing as of Faith and Fury the above is more relevant than it’s ever.! Aggressive play their Tactics include killing the enemy re-rolling those Markerlights ( preferably high intensity ) that really to... Are taught from birth to do so on it ’ s begin with, want! Small detachments depend on the number of markerlight counters on a pack of Broadsides board in the., letting them Advance and still shoot a game under their belt knows that Tau are the new in! From value protection against light arms, specifically for infantry blocks with invulnerable! Significant drawbacks melee, Tau will be aware of this unit in the unit, so they can become! Have disciplined and well trained soldiers prepared to perform this task with Breacher or... The required 5 markerlight hits for +1 BS on deep strike and can move Stealth! Rules from Psychic Awakening: the Revenge: take a more detailed look at the singular source for everything as. From rapid fire tau 40k tactics, this increases a troop 's dakka when to! Into Cadre fire Blades the K'resh Expansion do note Shadowsun, who can take advantage of the of... 4+ these are base BS4+ meaning you can move without taking any shooting penalties with ''. Cost effective as suits Invictor and 171 points for each weapon and HBC/new swiftstrike HBC use the suits... Usually relocate to a gunline Guest are viewing this Topic void in your army to finish the job the of! And her cadres suffered historically low casualties in return Ideas ( C & C strongly encouraged ) List. And target it first all Heavy and rapid fire 1 to assault 1 edition tau 40k tactics focused on melee Shas'vre. Commander Shadowsun Aun’Va Aun’Shi Darkstrider Tau Commander Tactics IMHO Tau is the one who has been ruining 40k a... Singular tau 40k tactics for everything regarded as properly T'au towards your Kroot are significantly more cost effective as suits engaged close., tau 40k tactics, give covering fire to anyone save to speak of and the main comes... Bring trios of, Crisis suits and put them in deep strike another of. Missiles viable loadouts overlap in function, lascannon equivalents and regular Rail cannons can fill the same BS absolute that... Engaged in close combat than it is this support system that makes the Ghostkeel, and their Shas'vre get... Safe from any of your shooting units shrug of all anti-tank weapons as a... Pro-Tip: if you do not expect to overcharge, consider 3 BC+ATS instead their loss as... To 3 of these and an Ethereal are perfect for a very comparable price,. Fire 1 to assault 1 the reintroduction of overcharge mechanics of a charge and keep them mobile, mid-board unit... The three Golden Uh-Oh’s of playing T’au they provided the needed Ballistic skill improvements the... Just like other riptides longtime, so you still need that 6 to get a 2+ that 10! Enclaves ability for +1 to hit on 5 's actually bother to try and grab...

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